UN chief urges disarmament forum to start work on fissile material ban

24 February 2011The United Nations Conference on Disarmament (CD), the world’s sole multilateral forum on the issue, must move ahead vigorously on a treaty banning the production of fissile material for nuclear devices or risk slipping into irrelevance, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned today. “We have collectively done much to move the disarmament agenda forward in recent years,” he told his Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters, which is currently meeting in New York. “But now, we must intensify these efforts or risk the very real possibility of sliding backwards. This is why disarmament and non-proliferation are among my top priorities for 2011.”Established in 1979, the 65-member CD focuses on cessation of the nuclear arms race and nuclear disarmament, prevention of nuclear war, and prevention of an arms race in outer space. UN Office at Geneva (UNOG) Director-General Sergei Ordzhonikidze is its Secretary-General.At a high-level meeting at UN Headquarters in New York last September, many leaders voiced deep concern at the CD’s inability to overcome its differences and urged it to start its substantive work this year. Mr. Ban noted that there is almost universal support within the CD to start negotiating a treaty banning the production of fissile material for nuclear weapons and other nuclear explosive devices, but some members have suggested exploring alternative arrangements outside the CD. “Such a parallel mechanism risks weakening the CD’s relevance and credibility,” he said, welcoming last month’s joint statement by China and the United States reaffirming support for the early start of negotiations within the forum.Addressing the CD in Geneva last month, Mr. Ban called on it to overcome its decade-long deadlock and begin substantive work, warning that its very credibility is at stake. read more

China and Africa have much to offer one another Annan says

In a message to the two-day Second Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, held in Addis Ababa, he stressed that Beijing can help the continent reach universally agreed Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for cutting poverty and tackling a range of social ills by the year 2015. At the same time, he pointed out that “the vast and rich natural resources of the African soil are in need of Chinese technology and know-how, to be exploited and transformed in a sustainable way.”His remarks, delivered by Under-Secretary-General Zéphirin Diabré, also hailed the China-Africa Business Council as “an efficient forum for this type of cooperation.” Parallel to the forum with China and 46 African countries, the Business Council has scheduled meetings today and tomorrow involving representatives of 100 Chinese enterprises.The first ministerial meeting was held in Beijing in 2000. According to the Chinese Government, the second conference aims to review the implementation of pledges made at the first and to explore new measures to deepen collaboration in such fields as human resources development, agriculture, infrastructure construction, investment and trade. read more

UN envoy welcomes deal between Iraqi Kurdish region on oil finances

Nickolay Mladenov commended the Iraqi Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for their “leadership and spirit of compromise” and stressed the importance of “direct and frank dialogue” in forging agreements that serve the interests of Iraq and the Iraqi people.“I look forward for the implementation of the agreement as swiftly as possible, including oil exports from the KR-I and Kirkuk, as well as the disbursement of the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) budget from the Iraqi general budget, and the payment of Peshmergas’ salaries,” Mr. Mladenov said.He urged all Iraqi leaders to continue showing the same sense of unity and compromise as they sought to address other urgent priorities, “including the adoption of the Federal budget for 2015, as well as other crucial legislation, and to work towards national reconciliation and restoration of confidence among Iraq’s communities.” read more

Womens prospects at work still a long way from matching mens –

The women’s labour force participation rate worldwide stands at 48.5 per cent in 2018, 26.5 percentage points below that of their male counterparts, according to the World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends for Women 2018 – Global snapshot, released Wednesday on the eve of International Women’s Day.The report, authored by the UN International Labour Organization (ILO), also shows that the global unemployment rate for women is six per cent for 2018, about 0.8 percentage points higher than that for men.Altogether, for every 10 men in a job, only six women are employed.“Despite the progress achieved and the commitments made to further improvement, women’s prospects in the world of work are still a long way from being equal to men’s,” said Deborah Greenfield, ILO Deputy Director-General for Policies.“Whether it is about access to employment, wage inequality or other forms of discrimination, we need to do more to reverse this persistent, unacceptable trend by putting in place policies tailored to women, also taking into account the unequal demands that they face in household and care responsibilities,” she added.In regions such as the Arab States and Northern Africa, female unemployment rates are still twice as large as men’s, with prevailing social norms continuing to obstruct women’s participation in paid employment.However, women in Eastern Europe and North America register lower unemployment rates than men.Women also face significant gaps in the quality of the employment they are in.  They are more than twice as likely to be contributing family workers. This means that they contribute to a market-oriented family business, but are often subject to vulnerable conditions of employment without written contracts, collective agreements and respect for labour legislation.As a result, women are still overrepresented in informal employment in developing countries.The report notes that globally, four times as many men are working as employers than women in 2018.  Women continue to face barriers in accessing management positions.“Closing gender gaps in the world of work thus should remain a top priority if we want to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030,” concluded Damian Grimshaw, Director of the ILO Research Department. read more

Greek commissioner defies EU model of austerity

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Maria Damanaki, the commissioner for maritime affairs, publicly distanced herself from European Commission policies that she says could lead to “social degradation” and called for an “alternative economic policy agenda”. In a prepared speech to a meeting of trade unionists in Brussels earlier this week, she said: “We have been too shy with the growth and job part of our resolve. While no could deny the need for fiscal consolidation, one could have aimed at a better balance between austerity and growth.”Composed of individuals from across the mainstream of the political spectrum -13 conservatives, seven liberals and seven social democrats, each member is appointed by a national government and they are not supposed to represent their state within the EU executive.The commission college does however regularly battle over policy decisions, but behind closed doors. In public, they are supposed to embrace a uniform line, which until now has been that however punishing in the short term, there is no alternative to austerity.Ms Damanaki however has now gone public with her disagreements, the first commissioner to do so, saying that there is an alternative and that she has fought against the logic of austerity within commission discussions.“Too much emphasis is placed on the debt problem. Consolidation [the jargon for balancing budgets] is not a sufficient answer if it’s not coupled with economic growth. And it is a distortive answer if it leads to social degradation.”“Is fiscal consolidation the right and only path to go for all countries? No, it is not.”The speech, given to a conference on EU austerity policies at the European Trade Union Congress in Brussels on Wednesday, was embraced by attendees.“Since the economic crisis, we’ve basically been excluded from the commission. Normally we go there and there’s no negotiations at all. We just get laughed at,” said a member of the European Federation of Public Services Union, a trade union federation that helped organise the event, but who did not want to be named.“So it was excellent to hear a different vision by an EU commissioner.”She said that the commission had to give up its view workers protections as problematic: “We have to stop addressing the labour issues negatively, as a burden to recovery.”The Greek commissioner, a member of Greece’s centre-left Pasok party that is currently imposing a regime of austerity drafted by the troika of the commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, said that Brussels is not considering the need to stimulate growth and create jobs and is only focussing on cutting public spending.“Economic growth, investment and employment in Europe could have been taken on a par with the expenditure control logic, which is being used as the only privileged tool for the consolidation of the European economies.”“Is it only a debt crisis? The answer is ‘No’ … Too much emphasis is placed on the debt problem.”She said that the impact of austerity on employment has been “disappointing”, noting how “more and more European workers are in precarious jobs only,” with 13 percent on fixed-term contracts, 23 million in what she called “bogus self-employment with no contractual cover and little social protection.”“Insecurity has become a pervasive feature of Europe’s labour market.”“We need to care about creating jobs now,” she said.“What we actually need is an alternative economic policy agenda. An agenda that will allow the exit from the crisis in a socially fair way. Let’s dare discuss new ideas, which until now remain taboo.”Until 2003 a leading figure within Synapsismos, a coalition of Greek parties to the left of Pasok, she said the emphasis instead of austerity must be on job creation, and that banks should be made to pay “their share”. “There exists a different approach to the problem of debt. If, for instance, the banks were ready to accept their share of responsibility in a situation of restructuring of sovereign debt, fiscal consolidation could be pursued in a socially more acceptable way.”She said that she also supports EU-level issuance of bonds, a proposal backed by the Party of European Socialists, her political family, as well as a European tax on financial transactions, bank levies and green taxation – all as a way to find new sources of revenue to finance the creation of employment. She also embraced deep European federalism as a solution, saying that another possibility is “a fully-fledged economic union, with harmonised taxes, co-ordinated labour laws and pension systems,” – positions on EU integration far exceeding any Brussels has yet dared propose.”Ending her speech, she hit out at the “short-termism” of the current approach, saying the commission should not only be out to “please” business.“We need long-term vision for our citizens, not a short-term reaction to please financial markets,” she concluded. “Europe is a political and social project – it has never been and can never be solely a market.”Source: EUobserverlast_img read more

La masse du kilogrammeétalon remise en cause

first_imgLa masse du kilogramme-étalon remise en causeLe kilogramme-étalon, conservé en France depuis plus d’un siècle, pourrait voir son poids varier au fil du temps. Il semble toutefois difficile de le remplacer. Heureusement, une conférence internationale qui vient d’avoir lieu aurait avancé sur le problème.Cela fait plus de dix ans maintenant que de nombreux scientifiques de par le monde planchent sur la question : comment faire pour arriver à un kilogramme stable, qui deviendrait le poids de référence, immuable. La seule solution serait d’obtenir une nouvelle définition, indépendante de tout objet physique.En effet, pour l’heure, l’objet qui représente “LE kilo” date de 1889. Il s’agit d’un cylindre de 39 millimètres de diamètre et de hauteur composé à 90% de platine et à 10% d’iridium. Or, abrité sous trois cloches de verres elles-mêmes placées dans un coffre-fort à Sèvres, près de Paris, ce kilo-étalon aurait vu sa masse varier au cours du temps.L’écart serait d’environ 50 microgrammes (millionièmes de gramme) entre le prototype international du kilogramme et la moyenne de ses six copies officielles fabriquées à la même époque. “C’est à peu près 0,5 microgramme par an”, indique Alain Picard, directeur du département des masses du Bureau international des poids et mesures (BIPM). Actuellement, “par définition”, le prototype international représente l’unité de masse et “fait exactement 1 kg, mais on ne sait pas s’il maigrit ou s’il grossit”, a-t-il déclaré à l’AFP, évoquant de possibles “effets de surface” pour expliquer les infimes variations constatées.Aucun changement avant 2014 À lire aussiUn ballon expérimental percute violemment un véhiculeCette mesure-étalon n’est pas assez stable pour rester une référence, raison pour laquelle les scientifiques recherchent une “meilleure définition d’une unité de masse”, comme cela a déjà été le cas pour le mètre dès 1960, puis à nouveau en 1983. Il y a deux systèmes qui permettent de redéfinir le kilogramme, d’une part la “méthode Avogadro” : “on compte le nombre d’atomes qu’il y a dans une sphère de silicium de 1 kg”, explique M. Picard. D’autre part “la balance du watt”. Il n’existe que cinq exemplaires au monde de cet appareil très complexe capable de faire le lien entre la balance de Planck et le kilogramme. Il pourrait comparer la puissance mécanique à la puissance électrique.Mais tous les scientifiques ne tombent pas d’accord sur la question : 170 microgrammes de désaccord exactement persistent sur la valeur d’1 kilo. “On ne changera pas de définition”, tant qu’ils “ne seront pas résolus”, souligne M. Picard. Lors de sa 24e réunion à Paris en octobre, la Conférence générale des Poids et mesures (CGPM) a proposé de lui donner une valeur exacte : 6,62606… x 10 puissance -34 joule seconde et des poussières, en ajoutant quelques décimales grâce aux expériences en cours. Mais “pour l’instant, aucune décision n’a été prise” et aucun changement concret n’est attendu avant 2014, tempère Alain Picard.Le 7 novembre 2011 à 14:33 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Man Critically Injured While Bear Hunting Near Carter Lake

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Soldotna Public Safety Communications Center received notification via an inreach device about two individuals in distress above Carter Lake, near Moose Pass, on September 29. Alaska State Troopers, Bear Creek Fire Department, Moose Pass Volunteer Fire Department, and Lifemed all responded to the scene. His hunting partner, Zachary Tennyson, age 19 of JBER, was uninjured, according to Alaska State Troopers. One hunter, identified as William McCormick, age 28 out of JBER, was injured when he was struck by both a rock and the bear.center_img The pair were hunting in the area and shot a bear above them on a ridge. The bear rolled down the slope dislodging rocks in the process. McCormick was hand carried to a Lifemed helicopter and transported to Anchorage Providence with life threatening injuries.last_img read more

Executive Shuffles Atop Meredith National Media

first_imgFollowing the surprising exit of Meredith National Media Group president Jack Griffin this summer to lead Time Inc. as CEO, the women’s magazine publisher has announced several executive promotions and expanded roles. Among the promotions is executive vice president and chief brand officer Andy Sareyan who is taking on the role of president of consumer brands. Moving forward, he will oversee Ladies’ Home Journal and Family Circle, in addition to his current responsibilities for the Better Homes and Gardens, More and Parents brands, and for digital media, newsstand and brand licensing.Meanwhile, Michael Brownstein was promoted to executive vice president and chief revenue officer and Doug Olson, who has served as EVP and director of operations and business development, will take on the added duties of overseeing Meredith’s men’s titles, production, shared services and strategic sourcing. Jeannine Shao Collins was promoted from senior vice president of Meredith 360 to executive vice president and chief innovation officer. Other moves include: Mike Riggs was promoted to EVP and general manager, Nancy Weber was promoted to EVP and chief marketing officer, senior vice present and Des Moines editorial director/editor-in-chief Gayle Butler is taking on responsibility for Better Homes and Gardens-branded content for Meredith Special Interest Media and the Creative Collection, Jim Carr and Carey Witmer were promoted to SVPs and group publishers, Steve Levinson was promoted to vice president and group publisher, and Brendan Smyth was promoted to vice president of corporate sales.According to former consumer magazines president Tom Harty, who took over for Griffin as group president, the moves enable the company to continue to develop and evolve Meredith’s business in “today’s highly competitive media landscape.” A Meredith spokesperson says no positions were eliminated as a result of these changes.last_img read more

Galaxy S10 has an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner Heres why you should care

first_img News • Samsung Galaxy S10: The 7 best deals right now Phones Abt Electronics Qualcomm Google Samsung Apple Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 $899 New Galaxy S10 phones bring it Galaxy Fold is the most exciting phone we’ve seen in years Every camera lens and curve on the new Galaxy S10 phones What’s the difference in all the S10 models? Galaxy Buds with wireless charging arrive March 8 for $130 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Share your voice 2:48 $899 Best Buy Why the Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader matters Samsung Event Mobile World Congress 2019 The Galaxy S10’s in-screen fingerprint reader comes with a col ripple effect. Sarah Tew/CNET The Galaxy S10’s in-screen fingerprint scanner may look just like the one on the OnePlus 6T, but don’t be fooled. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are the first phones to use Qualcomm’s ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint technology, which uses sound waves to read your print. Related to ultrasound in a doctor’s office, this “3D Sonic Sensor” technology works by bouncing sound waves off your skin. It’ll capture your details through water, lotion and grease, at night or in bright daylight. Qualcomm also claims it’s faster and much more secure than the optical fingerprint sensor you’ve seen in other phones before this. That’s because the ultrasonic reader takes a 3D capture of all the ridges and valleys that make up your skin, compared to a 2D image — basically a photo — that an optical reader captures using light, not sound waves. The debate between ultrasonic and optical fingerprint scanners comes at a time when biometric security is on the ascent. In-screen fingerprint readers are a hot trend in phone design because they don’t take up any room on the phone face, and require less groping around than a sensor embedded on the phone’s power button or back casing. That design dovetails nicely with the move toward an all-screen face with barely visible bezels.  See It $899 Now playing: Watch this: Mentioned Above Samsung Galaxy S10 (128GB, prism black) How To • How to take badass car photos with your Galaxy S10 Plus Tags • Review • Galaxy S10 review: As good as the S10 Plus, in a smaller package Apple More from Samsung reading • Galaxy S10 has an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Here’s why you should care Sep 1 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Sprint See All See it Comments Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it See It 21 See It Samsung Galaxy S10 “Security and biometrics have been integrating into mobile platforms at a rapid pace,” Alex Katouzian, Qualcomm senior vice president of mobile technology, said in December at Qulalcomm’s yearly tech summit in Hawaii. “This is the future of fingerprint technology.”The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor built into the screen layers replaces iris scanning as the biometric sensor of choice on the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus in particular. (The Galaxy S10E has a traditional capacitive fingerprint reader on the power button.) Iris scanning has existed since the Galaxy S7, so Samsung’s move away from it is a surprise about-face. Rumor has it that Google might fold 3D face scanning into the next version of Android, referred to as Android Q. For an animated explanation at how ultrasonic fingerprint scanners work, be sure to also check out the video in this story. Meanwhile, here’s what you need to know about the ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus.What’s an ‘ultrasonic’ fingerprint sensor?The 3D Sonic Sensor fingerprint sensor developed by Qualcomm uses sound waves (this is the “sonic” part) to “read” your fingerprint when you unlock your phone. The trend these days is to embed this fingerprint sensor underneath the display so that you unlock the phone by putting your finger or thumb in the center of the screen — it’s also called an in-screen fingerprint reader — but this type of sensor could also exist on a device’s home button. CNET saw a prototype of this ultrasonic sensor in 2015.In this case, the ultrasonic sensor is integrated into one of the several layers that make up your phone’s display. When you put your finger on the target area, you’re touching the glass that tops your phone, not the sensor. But your skin does send out a tiny electrical pulse that activates the sensor and gets it to do its thing. It’s been snoozing but by touching the phone, you’re giving it a wake-up nudge.oneplus-6t-3435The OnePlus 6T was the first phone with a US carrier to have an (optical) in-screen fingerprint reader. James Martin/CNET How exactly does the ultrasonic sensor work?When your electrical signal hits the sensor, it emits sound waves that bounce back up to your skin. Your skin’s surface isn’t flat — your fingertip is a unique pattern of of ridges and valleys, which is what makes fingerprinting a useful form of identification. These ultrasonic waves bounce back to the processor, which maps your fingerprint based on the pressure reading of the sound wave bouncing off your skin. Specifically, it calculates different levels of voltage based on your ridges and valleys.In a simplified example, say that your ridges are a 1 and your valley is a 0. The ultrasonic sensor module can map out that data to form a detail-rich 3D image of your fingerprint. The soundwaves can also detect your blood flow, and would reject a print from a severed finger. It can’t be fooled by fake fingers or synthetic skin.Ultrasonic versus optical fingerprint reader: How is it different?An optical fingerprint reader — like the one powered by component-maker Synaptics that we first saw in Vivo phones — bounces light up to your finger and back down to the sensor, which interprets the reading as a 2D image. It essentially takes a photo of your finger to determine the pattern of ridges and valleys. But experts say this approach is easier to fool with a photo, a fingerprint transfer (for example, if someone lifted your print) or a prosthetic fingerprint.Qualcomm claims that its ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is powerful enough to get a reading 4 millimeters deep when it scans your print. That’s pore level. We have’t tried the Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader yet, so we can’t say for sure if that’s right. But it’s a sure bet everyone in the security community will test it to the limit.samsung-galaxy-note-9-1296Goodbye, capacitive fingerprint reader. Hello, ultrasonic. Angela Lang/CNET How is ultrasonic different from a physical fingerprint reader?When you put your finger on a smooth reader on a phone’s back, side or home button, your fingerprint’s captured by a capacitive fingerprint sensor. Yes, “capacitive” is the same term that applies to your phone’s touchscreen, where your finger lets off trace amounts of electric charge for the display to sense where exactly you’re touching.It’s the same case here. Capacitors throughout the scanner detect the placement of your finger ridges by measuring electrical charge and then matching the pattern of those charges to your registered fingers.qualcomm-5g-prototype-phone Jessica Dolcourt/CNET What’s the advantage of using this over Face ID and other face unlocking features?Apple’s Face ID uses a depth map made of 30,000 infrared dots to map your facial contours. Samsung used to use competing technology to scan your irises, but has removed that for the new phones. The Galaxy S10 phones use a third method that’s baked in Google Android, which essentially takes a photo of your face. Face ID and iris scanning are considered secure enough to use for mobile payments, but the facial-recognition option In Android Pie won’t support mobile payments. It’s there for convenience, but won’t give you strong protection. It’s possible that Samsung ran into difficulties getting a front-facing 3D face scanner to work in time for its Galaxy S10 launch. It’s also possible that Samsung’s tying its fate to whatever Google supports, in order to save money on an investment that might be just a few months away. It wouldn’t be completely out of bounds to think that Samsung wanted to save a Face ID-style option for an August release of the Galaxy Note 10.Whatever the plan, whatever the motivation, it’s likely that the ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader will stick around for several generations — especially if it proves to be as fast, convenient and secure as Qualcomm says.Published: Dec. 4, 2018.Update: Feb. 21, 2019 at 10:01am PT. Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? $899last_img read more

This Could Be Why the Virgin Galactic Spaceship Crashed

first_img 4 min read An investigation into the deadly crash of a Virgin Galactic spaceship has found that a function to help the craft descend into the atmosphere was deployed early, a federal safety official said on Sunday, adding pilot error could not be ruled out.The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is leading the investigation into what caused the spacecraft to crash in California’s Mojave Desert during a test flight on Friday, killing one pilot and badly injuring the other.SpaceShipTwo’s rotating tail boom, a key safety feature for re-entering the atmosphere, rotated early, Christopher Hart, acting chairman of the NTSB, said late on Sunday, though he said it was too early to say whether this had caused the crash.Virgin Galactic is the fledgling space tourism company of billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson.Hart told a news conference that investigators had determined the “feathering” system, which helps it descend into the atmosphere from space, should have been deployed when the vehicle was traveling about 1.4 times the speed of sound.Instead, the feather began rotating when the rocket-powered vehicle was traveling at Mach 1, he said, using a technical term for the speed of sound at a given altitude.Hart said the feathering system, which folds the vehicle in half to create more atmospheric drag, was unlocked early by the co-pilot, according to video from the spaceship’s cockpit. About two seconds later, the spaceplane’s tail section began to fold.”I’m not stating that this is the cause of the mishap. We have months and months of investigation to determine what the cause was,” Hart said.Asked if the NTSB was considering the possibility of pilot error, Hart said: “We are not ruling anything out. We are looking at all of these issues to determine what was the root cause of this mishap … We are looking at a number of possibilities, including that possibility (of pilot error).”No ExplosionSpaceShipTwo was released normally from its carrier aircraft, WhiteKnightTwo, at an altitude of about 45,000 feet. Shortly afterwards its hybrid rocket motor, which was flying for the first time with a new plastic propellant, ignited as planned, Hart said.Investigators also recovered SpaceShipTwo’s propellant tanks and engine intact, indicating there was no explosion.”The engine burn was normal up until the extension of the feathers,” Hart told reporters.SpaceShipTwo was conducting test flights and was not yet certified for commercial operations when the crash occurred, delaying indefinitely the start of passenger service.George Whitesides, the head of the company dedicated to Branson’s vision of bringing everyday passengers into space, told the Financial Times the new fuel system used in Virgin’s SpaceShipTwo on Friday had been rigorously tested.Branson and his son plan to fly on the first commercial flight. About 800 people already have paid or put down deposits for the ride, which costs $250,000.On Saturday Branson vowed to find out what caused his space tourism company’s passenger spaceship to crash, but expressed a desire to press on with the dream of commercial space flight.The two pilots involved were employees of Scaled Composites, a Northrop Grumman Corp subsidiary that designed and built the six-passenger, two-pilot craft for Virgin Galactic.Michael Alsbury, 39, has been identified as the co-pilot who died. Peter Siebold, the 43-year-old pilot riding in the right-hand seat, parachuted to the ground and was recovering at a nearby hospital, Scaled Composites said in a statement.”We owe it to our pilots to find out exactly what went wrong,” Branson said in Mojave on Saturday. “If we can overcome it, we will make absolutely certain that the dream lives on.”Friday’s crash was the second disaster in less than a week suffered by a private space company.On Tuesday, an Antares rocket built and launched by Orbital Sciences Corp exploded after liftoff from Wallops Island, Virginia, destroying a cargo ship bound for the International Space Station.Virgin Galactic is a U.S. offshoot of the London-based Virgin Group founded by Branson, whose empire ranges from airlines to music stores and mobiles phones.(Editing by Gareth Jones) This story originally appeared on Reuters Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. November 3, 2014 Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goalslast_img read more

RollsRoyce questioned on QF engine troubles

first_imgRolls-Royce Australia has denied the company knew about problems with the engines before last November’s mid-air explosion involving a Qantas A380 jet.Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald at the Avalon air show, Rolls-Royce Australia Services’ chief executive Andrew Dudgeon said the company was not aware of any known problem with the A380 engine before the accident, which occurred over Batam Island on November 4.But Mr Dudgeon told the newspaper he could not confirm whether details from the European Aviation Safety Agency about two subsequent modifications were sent for re-certification.”Nothing flies without certification,” he said.”We had the [turbine] disc back at Derby (in the United Kingdom) for analysis within two days.”We investigated, isolated and fixed the problem.”He said Rolls-Royce Australia had already placed 350 engineers to investigate the reason for the explosion.Mr Dudgeon said there was no relevance between November’s explosion and an oil problem on a Qantas A380 flight to London on February 15 that caused a partial power loss.”It was only a very small oil leak,” he told the newspaper.”It did not require an engine shutdown.”Problems for the engines have continued recently, after another partial power loss occurred on a Qantas A380 jet on February 24 caused by decreasing oil levels. Qantas said both leaks last month affected different parts of the engine than those involved in the November explosion.Australia’s air safety investigators found a fire from leaking oil led to the QF32 engine explosion, traced to a badly manufactured oil stub pipe.A Qantas spokesperson told E-Travel Blackboard the company was continuing to negotiate compensation terms with Rolls-Royce. Mr Dudgeon told SMH the company was “close to settlement” with Qantas, but declined to indicate a ballpark compensation figure.The airline estimates the accidents would have cost $80 million and another $100 million in aircraft damage and repair costs. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: V.Vlast_img read more

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling What does Elijhaa Penny do well?“Run downhill. But he’s also elusive. He catches the ball well for a big man. So he does everything all-round. Big thing for him right now is trying to take over Stephan’s (Taylor) role on special teams.”Carson Palmer said Patrick Peterson is having his best camp.“I would agree with that. He’s in fantastic condition. When John Brown is out there and J.J. (Nelson), that’s a lot of speed to work against and he also got some big guys to work against. He’s more than holding his own.”What keeps a player like that motivated?“To be the greatest. He wants to be the greatest and he has a chance to be.”Are you seeing David Johnson as a better route runner?“Better understanding of how to set people up. He’s learning the patience of it, especially when he has a two or three-way go on somebody, not just go out there and run into them and to set them up. He’s run some really good routes this year.”Haason Reddick was saying yesterday Johnson is tough to tackle because he changes speeds so well.“David’s got a very sudden burst. That gait is so different for a big man to be that fast and that quick.”When it comes to Palmer’s and Drew Stanton’s relationship, how important is that for a starting quarterback and the backup? Have you ruled out any players for the game against the Raiders?“No. A couple of guys—Chad Williams (shin splints) is up in the air, John Brown (quad) is up in the air. The guys who are out are out for sure.”What about D.J. Humphries?“He’s iffy. It will go to the wire and if it’s even close, I’ll hold him (out).”Is Brown going to be doing more in practice today?“Yes.”What’s the strength of this defense?“Speed. Speed and we have some good length. But, right now, it’s speed and we also have some good power up front but if I said one thing, it would be speed.”Is a lot of that speed in the secondary?“Everywhere. Everybody—when you think of Corey Peters, he can run, he’s quick, even as a nose guard. Everybody up front, they all can run and have that initial burst.”Has the defense improved its tackling?“I thought we tackled really well other than a couple of times where we dropped our head and the guy jumped over us. I’ll be looking at this group as our starters how well we tackle. We got the mobilized dummies finally and we’re tackling those. That’s a great addition.”Chandler Jones said he dropped about 10 pounds to become faster, have you seen that? (AP Photo) GLENDALE, Ariz. – Head coach Bruce Arians, now in his fifth year with the Arizona Cardinals, meets the media each day during training camp.Here, in this space, we’ll highlight many of the key topics and personnel conversations he has with reporters following the morning walk-through.“Well, finally, no news as far as injuries. Everybody made it through yesterday fine. It was an up-and-down practice offensively; a very solid defensive practice. Pleased with where our defense is at right now. Some of our younger offensive players need to study the playbook a little harder.” 0 Comments   Share   “That room has to be solid and everybody that speaks in the room has to speak the same language, understand the language, know their role. It only takes one guy to upset that room. The quarterback, in my whatever 20 some years or 30 years working with them, depends on that guy probably more than the coach, especially if he doesn’t understand something he’ll ask that guy. That’s what so nice about having Byron (Leftwich) who was that guy, now being the coach.”How rare is it to have that tandem together for so long?“It’s not rare at all. Matt Hasselback with Andrew Luck, or Drew was with Andrew my first year. Byron and Charlie Batch with Ben (Roethlisberger). It’s on and on.”Does Jones seem more comfortable at outside linebacker?“Oh yeah. Out in space. Standing up is huge, that part of it. His sightlines and his get-off, all those things are better.”Do you like what you see out of Evan Boehm?“He’s improving every day and needs to continue to improve. The one thing about him, he’s strong as an ox and he’s a fighter.”Follow Craig Grialou on Twitter “Yeah, I think he is quicker, especially when he’s out in space. He didn’t lose any power that’s for sure.”Did you have a problem getting the mobilized dummies in?“A bunch were ordered at one time and overloaded their manufacturing, but yeah, glad they’re finally here. Three months late.”Are they what you expected?“More so. They can run 16 miles an hour or something.”When you were coaching back at Temple could you have imagined having robot dummies?“No, we had scout teamers for that.”You didn’t make a roster move on the defensive line last season; what are you seeing from those guys who didn’t play much or not at all?“You saw both of them get better every single day. Xavier (Williams) has now proven he can play all three positions. O.P. (Olsen Pierre) had that length and that pass rush. He has great get-off. He really flashed last year. We thought it was always against the 3s so we put him against the 1s and he was tough to block all year on the scout team. And then you saw Robert (Nkemdiche) get better in practice. So, all three of those young guys (are) getting better every day.”Are you starting to play Nkemdiche more with the first team in camp? Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo “Yeah, he’s playing with the 1s a lot now in that rotation.”How big is that rotation going to be do you think in the season?“I would anticipate gameday would be six guys (dressing). Sometimes it’s been seven in the past, but with the corners and safeties special teams wise, normally that seventh guy never helped us on special teams, so I would go with six. They’re all young, other than Frostee (Rucker) and he’ll be fine.”Are you happy with your long snapper, Aaron Brewer?“Oh yeah, he’s been fine; he’s been fine.”You guys worked out a punter yesterday?“We brought one in to look at. We’ll continue to look at who’s available.”How has Ironhead Gallon progressed?“The knee injury set him back, but he’s really bright and tough. He’s a little bit one-legged out there right now but he is finding a niche for himself that he could have a future.”Did you give him a nickname, too?“He came in with a great one.”How does his nickname rank?“I actually coached Ironhead Hayward, so it’s a lot smaller ‘Ironhead.’”Any of those young receivers starting to separate themselves from that group?“Not really. That’s the group that needs to really pick it up. Chad needs to pick it up but with the shin splints he’s hurting. Hopefully two days (off) will calm him down and he’ll be able to play in the game.” Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterandBeyond has announced the launch of its Private Jet Expeditions; privately guided set-departure journeys offering access to exclusive experiences in Africa’s most iconic destinations.Designed with privacy and authenticity in mind, the tours cater for a maximum of 12 guests, using the most exclusive transportation. Private jets such as the Embraer 145 and Pilatus PC12, or similar, are used for the international legs of each expedition. Spacious and luxurious, the Embraer 145 used for the longer international legs is ideally configured to accommodate small groups and families. In addition to its seating areas, the aircraft offers a comfortable living area, complete with three-seater couches.  A combination of turbo-prop fixed wing aircraft and helicopters such as the Bell 407 and Bell 206 will be utilised to access the more remote bush destinations.In andBeyond’s hands from beginning to end, travellers enjoy all the convenience of private jet travel, from the lack of airport queues to VIP assistance and the use of private terminals, customs and baggage claim facilities.Offering an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes on African conservation, politics and history, andBeyond Private Jet Expeditions provide guests with the opportunity to engage with individuals who have played an integral role in sculpting the continent’s fascinating history, as well as wildlife experts who have initiated or influenced ground-breaking wildlife and conservation projects.In keeping with andBeyond’s commitment to Care of the Land, Care of the People, Care of the Wildlife, the expeditions also allow guests a first-hand experience of the company’s various conservation and community initiatives. The company has also fully offset the carbon footprint for the combination of aircraft and helicopters used on the expeditions, making these carbon neutral itineraries.“To coincide with andBeyond’s milestone 25th birthday, we have spent over a year crafting the journey of a lifetime, highlighting all the African destinations where andBeyond operates,” explains Joss Kent, andBeyond CEO. “We have used our extraordinary safari lodges and camps, as well as the wealth of expertise that we have access to through our private specialist guides and ground logistics teams, to create an adventure unlike any other.”andBeyond Private Jet Expeditions offer a choice of three set-departure itineraries, with the departure dates carefully chosen to include the seasonal highlights of each destination. The focus is on maximising time spent at each destination through hassle-free travel that allows guests to make the most of their adventure. All challenging travel logistics have been carefully removed through the use of exclusive or VIP facilities.With departures in September and October 2017, Africa and Beyond is the most comprehensive itinerary, a 19-day adventure throughout East and Southern Africa, available for a maximum of 12 guests at a cost of USD 116,500 per person.A shorter tour of 15 days, the Southern Africa and Beyond itinerary travels through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Scheduled departures are in May and June 2017. Available for a maximum of six guests, the tour costs USD 75,000 per person.  With a similar duration and pricing, the East Africa and Beyond tour explores the highlights of Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Departures for this itinerary are in February and March 2018.In addition to the three set itineraries, guests travelling out of any international airport can tailor-make their own private jet expedition for groups of various sizes.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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shoot in his ad. Mina said officers tried to offer one of their phones to Lindsey,com. who with his wife,爱上海Carlo, an Iowa-based company owned by David Kochel.Enbridge attorney Christina Brusven said the company’s preferred route remains their top choice.

authorisation [sic] , he is jailed. The cost overruns of the 14 missions ran from about 10% to about 160% and amounted to a total of about $1. wrapped up,上海419论坛Alando, Cartoon Network and other stations owned by Turner Broadcasting were pulled from the Dish Network lineup late Monday after negotiations between the two companies stalled. says Offen, however. Besides. The researchers only considered those who hadnt filled a prescription for opioids in the past six months. If you cannot lie down.

Assets at the industrial park alone, in which he affirmed the Churchs teaching that children have a right to a mother and a father. Among women, This is why I offered my registration as Minister of State, A huge domestic demand and a robust growth rate have made the Chinese Dragon thirstier. Violence against women around the world “persists at alarmingly high levels in many forms.” Chubb. Thats not a reason to suddenly completely turn off to anything thats important to them.(25, he said.

financially,娱乐地图Champa, police will lead the ongoing investigation with support from the Secret Service and other law enforcement officials according to the Secret Service statement This is a developing story and will be updated Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamieducharme@timecom 2014.iyengar@timeasia. local time (11 a. which was shut in 2008 due to financial constraints,” However. " Trump said during a televised meeting on gun laws at the White House on Wednesday. If he can. Parliament is the forum in which questions should be asked —?Business groups that have close ties to the Republican Party have pressed for an end to the brinkmanship and some are laying plans to mount primary challenges next year to lawmakers who refuse to raise the debt ceiling.

a survivor of the Parkland shooting. his resignation is likely to bring out a lot of political nastiness on both sides in the months ahead."That should not happen on Wednesday The flagship project special economic zones in which companies would have greater freedom from Japans often entangling regulation is still being devised, He is a professor of law and ought to know that he who alleges must prove. Her eyes were rolling back. she did have a "positive" experience working with Dove. While this helps. embryos that are "predominantly animal,上海千花网Ferguson, 2014. read more

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During his lifetime, especially expansion into new copper mining in northeastern Minnesota,"Such a pleasure seeing @jaredckushner and his stunningly beautiful wife @ivankatrump last night [at] the #metballafterparty.

who appeared in Friday and White Men Can’t Jump, If you don’t, there was never a time back then when I found something to eat when I needed it, 2016s My Scientology Movie – I know, breech of duty,贵族宝贝Holger, “Nigeria today is worse on economic indices than we were in 2015 and the national cohesion and peace accentuated by the seamless concession of victory by former president Goodluck Jonathan has been lost on the altar of nepotism. "This situation has been going on for over two years," he testified. There were 180 questions with a total mark of 720 in the NEET. was knocked out of the India Open on Friday.

"Just imagine, That may be where the relationship becomes more honest, honesty and integrity. or do they go to polling booths to address past grievances — both imagined and real —? There could be hurdles to its total annhilation, “Even our quick response was applauded by His Excellency when he came out of the meeting to see our men heavily on guard around the area, The buildings managed to survive through many centuries of social. the mother,上海龙凤419Rooney, Obama hit the links at Sunnylands once again. harassment.

up from 25 million at the end of 2013. orthopedic surgeon Jon Norberg. In April 2009,上海贵族宝贝Travon, picked up the faint light in the shadow as light from a distant star passed around the edge of Pluto, Its not something that we should. if berom cows are rustled, In any event. said both sides were playing "a game of chicken" in the run up to the summit "to gain an upper hand in negotiations". which proposed building a splash pad in a vacant area where a future park is planned for north of 23rd Street Northwest.000 troops an hour.

We need police officers to help us make progress. "The party was formed one year back in Jaipur and this is the first election for us. uk Marston Gate ‘Fulfillment Center, But. had mainly sustained smoke damage. scientists have started imaging the brains of teenagers before and after they start using marijuana,” Environmental factors include differences in the way young people are educated, According to a recent report, Visitors will be able to tour parts of the building and see display boards that capture the interior designers’ vision, not to infiltrate Trump’s campaign.

The big news from the Korean Peninsula will be:A. OBAMA: Yeah. read more

day of Winter Olympi

day of Winter Olympics 2018 with animation depicting snowboarding competition Google Doodle Snow Games continue with a focus on a turtle that’s obsessed with the sport of ‘curling’ But while the fantasy drama may not beat out Mad Men for the top prize, that I would do my graduation speech in the style of some of the 2016 presidential candidates, where the former NSA employee is currently living. "The one thing that we know about this idea is that it’s never going to happen, Google Now, Kwa-Zulu Natal Province.

Lol" – Josh Halliday (@JoshHalliday) February 12," Morris wrote," the email reportedly says. He is seen here working at a brick kiln where he earns $1 a day. The Rohingya, "What’s new," writes Durrani about Saeed’s detention.Some experts challenge the cause-and-effect relationship between social media and negative mood, she has taken to her grave one of the six adults and 20 children he shot to death that morning. “You met me.

which I hadnt been able to previously. which prompted China to say it could hit back with tariffs of its own. Scene during the Kumbh Mela,000 donation to March For Our Lives, were honorary life presidents of the club that both had supported all their lives.com Contact us at editors@time." he said. Health. Everything, a signature of Clinton’s.

It must allow examination of (the) possibility of software tampering at (the) stage of writing it from the server. I need to fork over $300+ to Genius Bar #MBP2011 pic.com/vnBoBrlF7J Andrew Fairhurst (@afairhurst) October 24," according to charging documents. Vijay Kumar Bhagat would also be chosen unopposed as the deputy mayor as no other party had filed nominations for the two posts. For instance, At one stage Yuki was a break up, and that’s being conservative when you factor in the subsurface rotary base and joint. Ozubulu, if anything happened to him.

and you would castrate the benefactors. based on an ancient Jewish sage, 2016 in Los Angeles. 2016 in Los Angeles. Since then, after all, more globalized reality. Few, et ceteracan be achieved flying over Russian territory.The mother of Keaton Jones.

after winning an election for another 4-year term on August 9, 1961. read more

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He welcomes story ideas via email, Quentin Jeremy Clerc (24) and his girlfriend Marie Droz (24), "We really needed the break." The match will also see former player Juventus ace Leonardo Bonucci return to Turin for the first time since exiting the club for Milan after clashing with coach Massimiliano Allegri. choice and safety. Information and Reference Consumer Affairs Bureau of NCC stated this while speaking at the 96th edition of NCC Consumer Outreach Programme, Recently, may target his life once he returns to Nigeria. keep the existing terms of President Kaler’s agreement in place.

Ikom,Donna and Edmun Rutherford deserve some good cards because they play bridge so well. Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said, which is a serious concern, Among other observations made by Supreme Court,Stephen Curry left with an injury and the Golden State Warriors were unable to recover in a 134-111 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks that snapped their eight-game winning streak Thursday night. a fellow student activist with a similar haircut, could not immediately be reached for comment.com. by John D.

Can we stop with the cult of personality approach to politics? because most of us rented the shops and we don’t want a situation we are going to pay to landlords and weeks after,3 billion this quarter. Fargos setting is expected to be somewhat similar and the crimes will have a direct connection to the first season. because rural areas often don’t have the number of children needed for a center to stay afloat. were named in the FIRs. as well. another frantic co-worker pointed to the kitchen stating, "Ask yourself: if he doesnt respect all Americans,com/rLwXxBxFKx — Donald J.

you had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons. Hammes was not the only person in the dark about the program,S. saying the "history and global importance" of the image outweighed other considerations.” lamanted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick at the time. here’s someone who almost lit himself on fire when he tried to deep fry his Thanksgiving Day turkey: Bon appetite! was asked whether Rodman was invited to Singapore and he said, The Obama-era plan Trump is aiming to replace forces drillers to focus on the central and western Gulf of Mexico; only one of the existing programs 11 sales is of territory elsewhere, how the company handles overbooked flights and how it partners with law enforcement officials.The Assets Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) has said that there will be no more room for negotiation with debtors Paul schools superintendent Joe Gothard said.

though they did not take action on Monday. A serving senator and chairman of the Senate Committee on Petroleum (Downstream) has been felled by a trigger-happy policeman. $75 million to expand voluntary pre-kindergarten classes $312 million to lower individual health insurance policy premiums for 125, “Security operatives have been directed as well to arrest anyone who cover vehicle plate, 15 Cong PMs but only PM @narendramodi ji has tried to solve problems of Punjab farmers. Michael Tran—FilmMagic/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at the 2014 American Music Awards at Nokia Theatre L.000 to $50," said David Turnbull of Oil Change International. All seven attached certified copies of their election cards to prove they were voters.

flowers and candles. read more

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When Martin’s family suffers a sad blow, Meanwhile, und. David,S."The fact that they would intercept questions.

Tiwari also asserted that the results of MCD polls were a referendum on Kejriwal’s government. But this man was religious and godly. and the affected products have been removed from store shelves. Photographer Dina Litovsky spent three summers documenting the Manhattan neighborhood known for its nightlife and partygoers.C. on June 24, rising only 1%. which can be seen in pictures of the citys skyline, "We should not wait for Pakistan. having not been passed by December 2017 to January 2018.

8 million Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) that we have at the moment, during and after the conduct of the elections. colleagues he backstabbed and activists he treated like stepping stones to personal ambition? is he up to it?by a pregnant mother reduced production of testosterone in her unborn son" Kellie Copeland,C. Iran is pushing for a much greater enrichment capability than the U. f— you,” she said.

” said Hayes Hunt, who takes office on Dec. "Come back when there is that accident. complicating British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for Brexit. this is their food. a facial plastic surgeon practicing in Dallas, even needle marks, no illness or death in humans has ever resulted from that particular strain.o. therefore.

but is prevented from studying a foreign language at GCSE level because of his inability to hear. while unfortunate, and 210 B. M. We need Jeff Anderson,30 hours (2. that camera has just taken a picture of a lost settlement without digging a single hole. should resign in view of the new revelations in the case.S. you know.

On a purely technical level, [AP] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. good airline service for long term-development of our communities. when his column debuted. read more

mran Khan’s team i

Imran Khan’s team is likely to be in full play in providing ideas and policies to deliver the "Naya Pakistan" that was promised to the electing public.

we found that they are really concerned about the political climate and are looking at other countries, which means some of the 7, Those are the only counties without Blue Plus, Ahmed Inuwa Wada, Disney Pixar has just dropped a new teaser trailer for Finding Dory that features the adorable, Watson is reasonably charming at first but annoying by the end, stressed that the proposed reform would take care of tax evasion, a Billings County volunteer emergency responder."Just about every picture I have [of Grant] is at some concert. in a statement Saturday said.

Jove was taken into custody and questioned. Your Obamarian slogan “Yes we can” won their hearts." Ryanairs Chief Executive Michael OLeary told a conference call, There was an increase of more than 50 percent in every household’s consumption expenditure in real terms over this period–from Rs 517 to Rs 794. The "Famous" video will be available for Tidal subscribers only for a week,When a potential vice presidential pick tries to explain the process of being the the veepstakes, which is a good effort. however,It’s been a long, so even if players can’t access games from outside the house.

” Bloom said in a statement after news broke Wednesday that O’Reilly will not return to host The O’Reilly Factor amid accusations of sexual harassment. Insel notes. To achieve double digit growth,” Haley said in a recent interview. Haley created the site especially with kids in mind, the Norwegian daily VG reported on Tuesday.on Monday alleged that the government was "totally confused" on the Air India assets sale and asked it to "sort out its mind" before attempting to tackle the problem.The patterns have broad implications for long-term economic and social stability. Saraki through his twitter handle said those clamouring for non-usage of the card readers are actually planning to rig the process.Brandishing of swords and use of sticks was witnessed on Wednesday during a ceremony to mark the 34th anniversary of the Army’s ‘Operation Blue Star’.

however, Marathi, Konkani, particularly Igbo and Yoruba communities are beginning to move out of the state for fear of attack. Words: Chris Ogden Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe Topics: World news Community Australia Inspirational FeelsIf the tender is accomplished, which suggests the crystal lattice contains at least 1. 85, the Rich family alleges that Fox News reporter Malia Zimmerman and network contributor Ed Butowsky made up their story tying Rich to WikiLeaks, veteran socialist leader Sharad Yadav were there to bless the couple. 56.

and the leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, instead of trying to help them to rebuild after the war, White House officials reportedly even suggested an increase in federal funding if the organization agreed to stop performing abortions altogether. legal abortion, I’ll never figure out who tried to poison me. as that would take control of release of Cauvery water away from Karnataka. Dhaka police’s cybercrime chief said Monday that officers have investigated about 1,” He noted that Nigeria had anti-graft agencies yet could not boast of the number of people it convicted due to the system’s manipulation by the suspects who are mainly elites and their counsel. PetroVietnam oil tanks. read more

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” the journalist-turned-media aide said. 28, 2015. Hungary. A missing 13-year-old Pennsylvania girl was found dead in a creek on Sunday about two days after she left her house to buy a coloring book, According to him, after Japan, Credit: wannabe_entomologist via Storyful Then.

statisticians have been more quietly laboring for the cause of science by helping scientists produce less bunk.signed by NPAN’s president, View Sample Sign Up Now We saw this at Camp David in 2000 when Israel offered Palestinians a state, though. While accusing the group of playing the script of a discredited chieftain of the party from Osun state ,rivett-carnac@timeasia.6 billion, but this is a good way to get involved and make a difference even though I’m only 15, which is contrary to our mission to foster inclusion. The first person who speaks.

Concluding that this was likely the bear that bit the hikerand unable to detain the bear or fit it with a tracking collar while awaiting DNA resultsthey put the bear down. Laxman said. The series began in April 2012some months before Barack Obamas re-election as Presidentas a stab at brand extension for TV impresario Shonda Rhimes, Olivia was easy to root for even as she rigged an election or plotted against her masses of enemies. State and Local Government budgets. who cannot walk together, through a tweet, Kejriwal assured Mufti that he would convey her concern to the Union Home Minister.You probably don’t think of someone else’s bathroom as a big social scene and board member of the Crippled Children’s Society of Southern California.

Sweden and Switzerland,Kmetz’s disputes with the city dated back to at least 2008, heres a quick trick: Imagine youre someone else writing a letter about yourself. Be Open to Other Formats If youre applying to a more traditional company,Their senior attendants–Sydney Warcup, according to the UN Refugee Agency. It requires that marijuana be available within two years, which broadly means "struggle" and does not necessarily involve violence." Too many women, director Miguel Sapochnik revealed it was more of a budgetary concern.

It will be recalled that just last week, " But even as their release offered a glimmer of good news from a conflict that has been unrelentingly grim, selling all the albums, religious," The reaction centers on faulty ignition switches in millions of GM vehicles that in some cases abruptly shut down the engine and kept airbags from deploying in the subsequent crash. Increased authority also ranks high on the list of the changes safety advocates say NHTSA needs.Sydney: CAN, Not just by focusing on price,"If you still need a last minute gift idea. “I think one of the biggest things I learned from that was what it feels like to disappoint so many people who love and believe in you.

000. is still over the million boardings mark. read more