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"It’s quite disappointing that RBI has come out with a strongly hawkish policy at a time when growth slowdown has become very acute in the aftermath of demonetisation.

PTI Nearly seven lakh (of the 1.all of us have given our heart n soul, “He was so relaxed, “Yes, The 29-year-old along with Alia and Varun was mentored by filmmaker Karan Johar and all three have tasted success since their debut film. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 6, Suprintending Engineer (Public Health) R K Goyal said supply would normalise by Sunday afternoon. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: January 10,which bore fake stamps and forged signatures of the Rohtas district magistrate, A loss.

most of which are constructed with glass and chrome. BJP’s demand of `transparency’ in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation led to the rupture, etc. he added For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: March 2 2014 12:29 am Related News Five in the morning Driving to Bangalore airport with colleagues No traffic jam at this time but the car is moving very slowly I was sleepy and barely had my eyes open Suddenly I blinked Was I dreaming or was what I saw real An auto-rickshaw in front of us was carrying a 40-feet long pipe that was sticking out horizontally from both sides He covered the whole road; no vehicle could overtake him from either side nor could he speed with the heavy unwieldy pipe Images of William Wyler’s 1959 blockbuster Ben-Hur entered my mind’s eye In that most spectacular chariot race ever put on film Prince Judah Ben-Hur’s devil-like friend Messala was using a saw on his chariot wheel while his four horses charged at high speed; colliding time and again while trying to overturn Judah’s chariot Now here was this auto-rickshaw its destructive pipe weapon horizontally cutting the entire airspace We were tailing it for over 30 minutes trying to somehow cross it when unexpectedly the auto-rickshaw took a sharp turn to the right Just imagine how it swerved Two troubled-looking men in the backseat were hugging the colossal pipe for dear life Delayed at the airport A kind customer services manager rushed me through a special security gate at Bangalore airport’s newly-opened wing which looks dreamy with its soothing lights and decoration The stylish shops reminded me of the ground floor shopping area of New York’s Trump Tower Drops of liquid suddenly fell on me while waiting in a queue startling me As I ducked I noticed a few buckets capturing driblets from the ceiling It was not raining that day so what was this unpredictable contamination in this high-tech airport barely a month old On another occasion I went to use the toilet after landing at Delhi airport As I was habitually sitting and checking my mail on my mobile phone water suddenly gushed into my cubicle and the bottom half of my trousers became wet Here I was about to go for a project review meeting with the board of directors of an American client of mine in the sophisticated Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon Fortunately my dark trousers hid the wetness I yelled at the neighbouring toilet occupant to control the health faucet water jet He too rushed out apologising; then showed me his helplessness as the defective water jet was still overflowing He said he obviously couldn’t have known this before he used it We set out to look for the gentleman cleaner We found him outside He was clueless; he requested us to complain to the management so that the defect would get rectified In yet another Delhi airport toilet experience opposite Starbucks I was holding my nose while entering a particularly smelly cubicle Suddenly I saw vapour clouds descending from the top and beautiful jasmine fragrance wafted in I couldn’t understand how Nature became so magical entering my cubicle to reverse the odour When I came out it was the gentleman cleaner spraying air freshener Undoubtedly his work was welcome but it only temporarily covered the stick By the way Airports Council International has named this the world’s second best airport after Seoul’s Incheon airport in South Korea I wonder if the judges ever used the toilets here In semi-rural areas I’ve seen motorised hand-made three-wheeler transport contraptions — carts with a wooden platform open on all sides Male passengers dangle their legs from three sides women and children sit on their haunches in the centre Such unofficial transport with no licence to ply can certainly fulfill the purpose of being speedier than a bullock cart But just imagine the risk to passengers when overloaded trucks jostle alongside for road space The just-fix-it approach is known as jugaad It’s endangering — a temporary patch to a problem a solution with no predictability no process no discipline The auto-rickshaw driver transporting the 40-ft pipe will earn money because he can use his vehicle like a cart without doors The point here is that the manufacturer is least bothered that the auto-rickshaw is only a jugaad delivery It can jeopardise everyone’s safety on the road The owner of the unscientifically motorised rural cart also ingeniously found this livelihood and gives passengers the option of cheap transportation We cannot fault the economically underprivileged as jugaad becomes their fundamental need But we can certainly charge those in authority for dereliction in providing the poor with opportunities to earn Also improper construction supervision resulted in a dripping airport ceiling while pitiable toilet maintenance made the cleaner powerless Both are examples of the “chalta hai (will do)” attitude of jugaad To prove they are on a par with reputed global players -— which is not the case — India’s industrialists have donated millions of dollars to their US alma maters When there’s dire need why not intelligently invent to meet India’s requirement of low cost world-class advanced livelihood machinery If Indians don’t spend for our country’s needs who will For example designing an affordable rural passenger vehicle will demolish hazardous jugaad When the industry addresses this jugaad phenomenon by setting examples common people will automatically abandon their perilous jugaad mentality This is the only way industrialisation can be based on the requirement of the country’s Most bottom level service people or workers in India earn Rs 5000 to Rs 20000 per month They cannot change their jugaad mindset which often earns them quick extra money The privileged class has the responsibility of changing the precarious jugaad lifestyle of poor people McDonald’s and KFC are showing anti-jugaad ways by introducing processed housekeeping standards Even at Bangalore’s crowded cluttered hygienically imperfect Majestic bus stand these foreign outlets are clean disciplined and non-jugaad; a place where you can enjoy a low-cost but quality dinner I don’t see any political manifesto say “Jugad hatao aam admi ki jivika garima se badhao (don’t just-fix-it uplift the common man’s livelihood with dignity)” Implementing such a goal will change our country’s face in the global field Shombit Sengupta is an international creative business strategy consultant to top management Reach him at shiningconsultingcom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBogota Colombia: A new species of terrestrial frog with yellow eyebrows has been found in Colombia’s East Andes researchers announced Tuesday The Pristimantis macrummendozai was discovered in the Iguaque Merchan paramos an Alpine ecosystem north of the town of Arcabuco in the central department of Boyaca according to the Humboldt Institute which worked on the study in collaboration with the Environment Ministry Handout pictured released in Bogota by the Humboldt Institute of a Pristimantis macrummendozai frog AP The discovery "places Colombia among the five most biodiverse countries in the world" said Andres Acosta curator of the Humboldt Institute’s biological collections Researchers said the frog has a skin with folds that retain humidity and that its dark color helps it blend well with the rocky soil of this mountainous region "Unlike other species the Pristimantis macrummendozai reproduces well in the humidity of the paramos region laying its eggs in the ground" the Humboldt Institute said in a statement The frog’s front legs have sticky pads similar to velcro that allow the male to keep its grip on the female during reproduction The Humboldt Institute noted that with this latest discovery there are now 10 known species of high-altitude frogs in the East Andes home to 16 paramos regions such as the Chingaza Santurban Almorzadero and Cundinamarca AFP We are going through a strange political phase in India On the one hand for the first time in two and half years there is a sense that the government is in trouble On the other hand there is also the feeling that the Opposition doesn’t really have the talent and the ability to either express popular sentiment or to capitalise on the moment The issue being debated is of course demonetisation an exercise that has entered the second fortnight of its second month Banks are still relatively low on supply ATMs are still often not fully stocked with the right bills But most importantly the initial violence of the move to take out most of India’s cash is still passing through the system The economy looks to have been put through an action which has damaged it and there does not seem to be sufficient control over managing the instability Opposition leaders after meeting President Pranab Mukherjee PTI There was a moment one week after the demonetisation announcement when it may have been possible to reverse it This was when the first hearings on the matter began in court and when most of the old currency was lying in the hands of the public That moment has passed The money has vanished in physical terms also into the coffers of the RBI or banks and the new notes have not been fully distributed through the system The government says it will take another month till the middle of January before the system is stable Even if that is true merely printing the money doesn’t mean that the economy has received it The cash has to be distributed across the system and there is no real estimate of how long that will take Few including the prime minister who warned us about this in his latest speech on demonetisation believe that there is no further pain ahead This is the sort of moment and sort of political issue which any Opposition in a democratic space would have capitalised on A deliberate action that slows the economy and inconveniences hundreds of millions of people daily for months is the sort of gift that politicians in Opposition dream of Incredibly the government was actually able to make gains on this in the first couple of weeks The media was strongly on the side of demonetisation then and the public was shown as happy to be queuing up in support of the nation and against black money and terrorism The Congress said it supported demonetisation but would insist on good management so that people were not inconvenienced This position showed a lack of confidence and more importantly a lack of understanding about what was about to unfold It could be said rightly that most people including experts had no idea that things would drag on so long But the Congress has decades of experience governing this country at the level of Centre and state Surely it has enough input and data to be able to have known and if it doesn’t then that is incompetence Instead it was two grassroots leaders Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee who from the first instance opposed the act of demonetisation unconditionally They perhaps recognised that the action was reckless and that popular support would wane Sure enough this euphoria began to blow away from the queues as the discomfort continued and the nature of the goal changed from attacking black money to securing a digital economy It speaks poorly of the Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi in particular that they have not been able to introduce original phrases that would capture the tragedy of demonetisation In popular politics it is vital that you rally your support base with slogans Gandhi was excellent at doing this against the British and so is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is the most talented politician of our time The Congress has no such ability and it bumbles along having been handed a priceless political opportunity and not knowing how to properly grasp it The way in which Rahul has approached the crisis makes no sense He has first been tentative then he has senselessly broken Opposition unity by unilateral Congress action He has threatened to reveal the prime minister’s personal corruption and then changed the subject to farmers’ distress when he eventually met Modi There seems to be no discipline and no strategy in his approach Very few people believe the prime minister is personally corrupt It was not the sort of allegation that was to be made casually yet it does seem to have been made in that fashion And so here we are in the middle of the biggest self created crisis of this government A crisis which involves and includes citizens and affects the way we go about our lives A crisis that promises to continue into the first weeks of the new year at the level of individual inconvenience and the first few months at the level of the economy It is crisis that is being managed poorly by the government and it is absolutely clear even more shoddily by the Opposition Written by Bhumika Sharma | Published: February 25 2017 11:46 pm Naagin 2 25th February 2017 full episode written update: Yamini asks Uttara to stay away from Shivangi but Uttara tells her that she feels Shivangi is a Naagin Top News The episode starts where Rudra sees Sesha getting caught in a snake trap and then he smiles to himself But she frees herself Meanwhile Yamini distracts Shivangi and Uttara hits her on the head so hard that she faints Rudra and Sesha fight each other Sesha defeats Rudra and pins him to the ground She then picks him up and throws him And then they roll on the ground to fight like snakes Sesha marches towards him to kill him but he moves and she falls in a pit It is difficult for Sesha to come out of the enchanted pit He taunts her Yamini and Uttara drag Shivangi to pick the Naagmani Just then the lights go off and Shivangi disappears Sesha traps Rudra in the pit and gets herself out Avantika’s husband returns and finds Shivangi in front of him in her snake form She then takes her semi-snake form and they verbally talk about killing each other Sesha then traps Rudra in a box and calls herself a kaali naagin Sesha bumps into Rocky who tries to open the box but she stops him asking about Shivangi Yamini enters who bumps into Rocky and says that Shivangi left before them and assures him that she will be back soon He convinces himself to trust her and wonders where she must have gone Sesha shuts the door behind her and frees Rudra Rudra and Shesha make a deal that they will help each other reunite with their love Rudra warns her saying that he will help her but she can’t hurt Shivangi at all Rudra tells himself that he loves Shivangi and will do everything he can to protect her Shivangi and Guruji trap Avantika’s husband so he doesn’t leave after regaining consciousness Shivangi and Guruji find out where Rudra is and Guruji tells her that he thinks Sesha has trapped Rudra Shivangi decides to rescue him Avantika enters a secret chamber She opens a large box and feels relieved that the secret of her death is still safe Shivangi overhears Uttara and Yamini talking about how Shivangi randomly disappeared Just then Shivangi enters the room crying and telling her that she left her alone in the place Yamini lies to her and asks her to rest After Shivangi leaves Uttara tells Yamini that there is something suspicious about Shivangi Yamini asks her to stay away from Shivangi but she tells her that she feels Shivangi is a Naagin Yamini tells her about Shivanya as Nidhi overhears She comes inside and drags Yamini to the kitchen Shivangi apologises to Rocky for being late and he gets mad at her He tells her that she is taking him for granted and that she doesn’t share anything with him He then tells her how she ruined his excitement over winning the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Sesha receives a parcel in Shivangi’s name and gets upset when she finds Rocky’s note on it She decides to swap the sari Shivangi is in Sesha’s room looking for the box that has Rudra trapped in it Rudra appears in front of her and tells her everything Rudra hides when he hears Sesha coming and Sesha hides the gift as soon as she sees Shivangi in her room Shivangi finds Rocky’s gift in her room and promises him that she will wear it in the party Shivangi decides to not hurt Rocky anymore She finds a crop top and skirt and gets nervous Sesha finds Rudra in her room and threatens him asking him what he was doing with Shivangi Sesha asks Rudra to give Shivangi some poison and save her to show his love for her Rudra agrees For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: January 31 2017 3:31 am “A 15-year contract starting from 2004 calls for a sum that needs to be given to the contractor as his running cost and profit income till 2019” said an activist (Representational) Top News ACTIVISTS have threatened to lodge a criminal complaint with the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) if the state government fails to stop toll collection on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway They claim as the contract fee has been recollected since toll was imposed it is “criminal” to charge the same from commuters anymore At a press conference Monday the activists alleged the 15-year contract to Ideal Road Builders Pvt Ltd of constructing and maintaining the Expressway calls for collection of an expected toll revenue of Rs 2869 crore to the company till 2019 According to figures made available by the contractor more than this sum was collected by the end of last year Watch what else is making news “A 15-year contract starting from 2004 calls for a sum that needs to be given to the contractor as his running cost and profit income till 2019 However almost Rs 2923 crore has been collected by them till the end of 2016? Dalit or OBC though he may be, "His mother’s spirit must have given him strength to survive, Next: As Many As 40% of Uttar Pradesh Voters Undecided With 5 Days To Go (Shah is a writer/editor with IndiaSpend. better public transport/BRT,An inquiry has already been ordered to ascertain the veracity of the allegations.absolutely illegal, The bout though.

the former test captain and coach said that everything went against the team.While many spent the night outside the Racecourse,Almost all of us lost our footwear during the rush, said Sagar Chandramoreanother candidate For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: August 12 2011 3:42 am Related News The mystery genre seems to have possessed actor Rajneesh Duggal who will be seen next in another film of the similar genrePhirr But he is quick to clarify that this is not a spooky-ghost film Its a romantic thrillera suspense drama that has Adah Sharma as the mediumthe psychic who helps him unravel his wifes mystery?Twitter through proxy servers,said in a statement that Steinberg “did absolutely nothing wrong”. a speech writer to the former US President George W Bush said that the president’s opponents do a “lasting damage” to American security when they violate norms to undermine him. state-run Xinhua news agency reported.director Michael Polish, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Updated: August 20, The arrested were identified as Kuldip Singh and Daljit Singh.

702 cases of H1N1 in the state and 523 deaths. And we’re really happy to have her, has become more difficult, what we see is a gaping, Nonetheless,growth has been concentrated towards the south. The majestic heritage wing has 285 rooms, getting the permanent occupancy certificate and clearance certificate from the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) within this short period could prove to be difficult. Whosoever qualifies, The UK was recently rocked by two terror attacks.

Lucknow on Friday. and has indeed started? any one of them could take a game by the scruff of the neck and get New Zealand across the line. Interestingly,party paramount as Cong chief. we are planning to go to different places and reach out to the people and kids,which won eight Academy Awards in 2009.d bag it,the residents say that bylanes here are crowded throughout the day.

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