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and their service stretches back to the Revolutionary War.A. in the Revolutionary War" a relative of Brown The placement of the memorial is significant said Jefferson Keel lieutenant governor of the Chickasaw Nation who is co-chair of the committee "Anyone who goes out of the Capitol down those steps that will be the first thing they see To me that’s exciting"Keel acknowledged the contradictions inherent in serving a government that did not always serve its native population fairly "I think it’s in the warrior tradition to protect the freedoms that we have even though we were not allowed to be citizens in general until [the 1920s] Even before they were allowed to vote they served" The memorial he said is "long overdue"Many Americans don’t know the extent of the more painful history of Native Americans as well as many of their accomplishments he said "We’re not what they learned about in public school systems"That history includes the forcible removal of native children from their families to be educated in boarding schools – which in some ways helped prepare them for service "Students were taken from homes their hair cut short put into military uniforms and made to lead regimented lifestyles – so often the military recruited them" Trautmann saidAmong the best-known Native American veterans are the Choctaw who passed messages in their own language during World Wars I and II – a code the enemy was unable to break And Ira Hayes one of six US servicemen to raise the flag at Iwo Jima became the subject of a Johnny Cash songEven among Native Americans there is a knowledge gap about their contributions said Wayne Don an Alaska Native who is a colonel in the National Guard "I didn’t know that my two grandfathers were Alaskan territorial guardsmen until I picked up a book" he saidOver 31000 Native American men and women are on active duty and more than 140000 veterans identify as Native Americans or Alaska Natives Typically they are celebrated in their own communities with ceremonies and warrior societies that help them when they return from service In 2004 a powwow was held in a combat zone near Fallujah for which family members sent clothes and other items from the United StatesBut despite the high status of warriors in many tribal traditions Native Americans often have a harder time than the general population gaining access to veterans’ benefits Trautmann said"On the one hand they have this support from the community that other vets don’t and on the other hand it can be harder for them to access medical and social services" she said "Many of them turn to traditional healing to deal with some of the PTSD from combat"An important aspect of the memorial is that "it’s intended to welcome these vets and be a healing experience for them whether it’s for vets who served many years ago vets just returning from service or families who lost members in service" Trautmann saidOne of those is Allen Hoe a Native Hawaiian and Vietnam veteran whose 27-year-old son Nainoa was killed in Iraq in 2005"He was very proud of the fact that his ancestors for 100 generations were warriors" said Hoe who has another son in the military "He wanted to step forward and provide the gratitude to his ancestors and conduct himself the way they would want him to"Hoe said he was originally shocked and disappointed to learn there was not already a memorial honoring Native American veteransWhile many served with distinction recognition was not always accorded to them in their lifetimeMaster Sgt Woodrow Wilson ("Woody") Keeble a full-blooded Sioux served in World War II and later in Korea He was recommended for a Medal of Honor but the paperwork was lost; he was finally given the award posthumously in 2008"He would be very honored" to see the memorial said Keeble’s stepson Russell Hawkins "He comes from a warrior culture that epitomized all the values of honor and bravery and he would want the story to be told"Hawkins also hopes the memorial by highlighting Native Americans’ service and sacrifice will do something else"I think the most bigoted white supremacist when he reads what Woody did saving the lives of his fellow soldiers he’ll say ‘Gee maybe these guys aren’t so bad after all Maybe they deserve a little bit more understanding a little bit more compassion’"I think even the hardest heart will soften"Story by Tara Bahrampour Bahrampour a staff writer based in Washington DC," Gibson said. Thibodeau has another player he trusts,Eli "was the saggy-baggy elephant."This is a lot of money.Energy shares also gained, taking snow away from all four corners and hauling it away.

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