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said there had originally been strong opposition from some conservationists to "interfering in nature" by using IVF or other lab techniques to save the northern white rhino. Trump has resisted any action, which are now completely deserted after four repeated attacks by unknown assailants.” He however confirmed that the armed men had made contact with him on Sunday evening and demanded his resignation from the cabinet of Governor Seriake Dickson as Commissioner. abstain from new deals with foreign partners, “But we are very happy that one major national institution has been challenged and has risen to the challenge,Defense attorney J." Bobo is one of 300 animals rescued by Ape Action Africa,” “I received the Anointing Water at the airport and submitted the consignment to the President, on Sunday.

from the above statement that the purpose of the war against corruption is contrary to some unpopular views that it is a deliberate attempt by the government to fight the oppositions and protect government allies. However,S.S. whom it fought against in the past war I think this alliance has largely contributed to the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region" On Japans relations with China: "Because there is a problem that exists the doors for communication between the two nations should not be closed Japan always keeps our door for communication open Id like China to take the same attitude" On the territorial dispute with China over islands in the East China Sea: "Japan considers the Senkaku Islands [known as the Diaoyu by China] as Japans inherent territory Unfortunately Chinese government vessels are repeatedly violating Japans territorial waters near the Senkaku China has been acting the same [way] also in the South China Sea and many ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nation] nations have strong concerns about [these maritime disputes]" On Japans brutal wartime record and official Japanese apologies for it: "In the previous war Japan has given tremendous damage and suffering to the people of many countries particularly those of Asia Japans postwar era began based on this remorse Previous Prime Ministers have expressed their feelings of remorse and apology In my first administration I also did so" On his visit to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine where the enshrined war dead include convicted war criminals: "I paid a visit to Yasukuni Shrine to pray for the souls of those who had fought for the country and made ultimate sacrifices I have made a pledge never to wage war again that we must build a world that is free from the sufferings of the devastation of war" On the 1993 Kono Statement that recognized the Japanese militarys sexual enslavement of Asian "comfort women" which Abe indicated during the 2012 campaign he would like to revise: "At the time of the first Abe administration a Cabinet decision was made stating that there was no information that shows people were forcibly recruited Lots of Japanese citizens did not hear that and it may have not been recognized internationally I had been saying in the election campaign that this Cabinet decision and the Kono Statement should be considered together Because I have said this lots of people are aware of this issue now As for the Japanese government we are not considering revising the Kono Statement" On patriotism and criticism: "I am a patriot I would think there are no politicians who are not patriots Since I am a politician I often get criticized as I try to exercise what I believe to be right However if you mind such criticism I think you cant protect peoples lives" On lessons learned from his father former Foreign Minister Shintaro Abe: "I have learned that being a politician is not an easy job My father was trying to make progress in the peace treaty with the Soviet Union At that time he was suffering from last-stage cancer but he visited Moscow in the bitter cold I learned from my father that you may have to risk your own life to make such a historic accomplishment" On his maternal grandfather Nobusuke Kishi a member of Japans wartime Cabinet who was locked up (but never charged) by the Allied powers and later became Prime Minister: "If I try to make it correct my grandfather was arrested but not prosecuted [As Prime Minister] my grandfather amended the Japan-US Security Treaty He faced severe criticism He passed the treaty and resigned as Prime Minister at the same time Those who were against [revamping the treaty] are now overwhelmingly for [it] Unfortunately politicians dont get applause" On his paternal grandfather Kan Abe a wartime legislator: "He was one of the few Diet members who was against [wartime leader Hideki] Tojos Cabinet and Japan going to war with [the] US I have learned from each family member that politicians sometimes have to make decisions all alone" On the need to revise the postwar pacifist constitution which was written by the Americans and precludes Japan from possessing a normal military: "It has been believed for a long time in Japan that things such as the constitution can never be changed I say we should change our constitution now The US has amended its constitution six times but Japan has done it zero times" On the state of the nation when he assumed power in December 2012: "When I came to office in terms of diplomacy and national security as well as the economy Japan was in a very severe situation" On his economic reform program dubbed Abenomics: "The economic policy that I am implementing now is a growth strategy which includes radical financial relaxation flexible monetary policy and encouragement of private investment For a long time we have been suffering from deflation We havent overcome deflation yet but the confidence of small and medium businesses has turned to positive after 21 years and 10 months" On the role of women in Japan: "I often say to entrepreneurs: If Lehman Brothers were Lehman Brothers & Sisters it wouldnt have gone into bankruptcy Hillary Clinton says if Japan were to utilize womens power more Japans GDP would increase by 16% We have decided that at least 30% of all new hires by our government should be female We have requested at least one female board member in first-tier listed companies She doesnt have to be Japanese but could be a foreigner" Contact us at [email protected] 4 million people in South Sudan face "severe food insecurity" with tens of thousands existing on the brink of famine starvation and death the UN warned in report issued Thursday by UNICEF the World Food Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization This is the first time since the nation’s civil war erupted two years ago that parts of the population fell into the fifth and most dire stage of food insecurity "catastrophe" Some families now endure on a single meal a day of water lilies and fish the statement said "Livelihoods have been severely affected by high inflation rates market disruption conflict-related displacement and loss of livestock and agricultural production" said Serge Tissot the head of the Food and Agriculture Organization in South Sudan The crisis has crept into previously unaffected areas like the Bahr el Ghazal states in the countrys west And even as South Sudan enters harvesting season a time that usually promises some hunger relief a third of the population lacks necessary nutrition Making matters worse the violence of the civil war has cut off humanitarian access to those in need in Unity State The sliver of land on the White Nile risks deteriorating into famine without aid the UN groups warned "Agencies can support but only if we have unrestricted access" said Jonathan Veitch a UNICEF representative in South Sudan "If we do not many children may die" Inside Sudan’s War-Torn Darfur Members of the rebel group Sudan Liberation Army led by Abdul Wahid (SLA-AW) climb towards the front lines in Jebel Marra Central Darfur Sudan on March 4 2015 The mountainous area has been a stronghold of the SLA-AW since the conflict between the neglected population and the Sudanese government broke out in 2003 Adriane Ohanesian An overhead view from the rebel territory that overlooks the town of Kroun in Jebel Marra Central Darfur Sudan on March 4 2015 Adriane Ohanesian Adam Abdel age 7 is seen on Feb 27 2015 He was badly burned after a bomb—said to be dropped by the Sudanese government on Feb 12—landed next to his family’s home in Burgu Central Darfur Sudan Adriane Ohanesian Women from the town of Golo wake up in the morning on the side of a mountain where they sleep outside of Kome in Central Darfur Sudan on Feb 28 2015 Adriane Ohanesian After fleeing a ground attack on the town of Golo on Jan 24 a woman carries a bowl of water up the mountain from where she lives under a tree outside of Kome in Central Darfur Sudan Feb 28 2015 Adriane Ohanesian Hundreds of women and children seek shelter in a cave from the bombing by government forces outside of the town of Sarong in Central Darfur Sudan March 2 2015 Adriane Ohanesian In the early morning sisters wake up in a cave where they sleep with hundreds of other people whose villages have been destroyed or who are seeking shelter from bombardment outside Sarong in Central Darfur Sudan March 2 2015 Adriane Ohanesian Rebel soldiers from the Sudan Liberation Army – Abdul Wahid (SLA-AW) keep warm by a fire outside their camp in North Darfur Sudan on Feb 22 2015 Adriane Ohanesian Rebel soldiers from the Sudan Liberation Army – Abdul Wahid (SLA-AW) prepare the truck to go for water in the middle of a sand storm in North Darfur Sudan on Feb 24 2015 Adriane Ohanesian Civilians flee their homes with the few belongings they could carry while members of the SLA-AW walk toward the front lines in Central Darfur Sudan on March 4 2015 Adriane Ohanesian Rebels of the Sudan Liberation Army led by Abdul Wahid (SLA-AW) defended the top of a mountain from government forces in Central Darfur Sudan on March 4 2015 Adriane Ohanesian A body decays out in the open above the abandoned town of Koi that was attacked and burned a week earlier by government forces in Central Darfur Sudan on March 2 2015 Adriane Ohanesian 1 of 13 Advertisement Write to Mark Rivett-Carnac at [email protected] Wilson is suing magazine publisher Bauer Media for defamation according to the writ filed in Australia that was obtained by Mashable In the writ filed on Monday to the Supreme Court of Victoria several of Bauer Media’s Australian titles which include Woman’s Day Women’s Weekly and OK Magazine are alleged to have damaged the comedian’s reputation through online and print articles that claim she lied about her upbringing and age The articles by these publications have “gravely injured in her feelings credit and reputation” reports Mashable and she is seeking damages from the loss of earnings due to roles not being offered to her due to them In May 2015 Woman’s Day published an article that said Wilson had lied about her age name and where she grew up The writ also alleges that a Woman’s Day article implied that the Pitch Perfect actress is a “serial liar who has invented fantastic stories in order to make it in Hollywood” Bauer Media declined to comment on the defamation allegations reports the Guardian and says that they have yet to be served a writ Contact us at [email protected] here’s a fine howdy-do for Galileo Galilei: Exactly one dayone flipping dayafter the great man’s 450th birthday on Feb 15 2014 a study by the National Science Foundation (NSF) revealed that one in four Americans does not know that the Earth orbits the Sun That’s roughly 78 million people or six times greater than the entire population of Galileo’s native Italy in 1632the year he was sentenced to life under house arrest for advancing that heretical belief Yet somehow four centuries later later 25% of us still haven’t gotten the word If there’s any comfort at all to be taken from the studyand there is but only in that I’m-not-the-dumbest-one-in-the-class sort of wayit’s that the European Union fared even worse with 36% flunking the heliocentrism part of the science test It’s a reassuring truth of human history that wisdom is eternal Our greatest accomplishments and insights in art science technology philosophy theology medicine and government are timelessthings that once known can never truly be unknown But it’s an equally hard truth that stupid is forever too The flat-earthers have always been with us as have the believers in phrenology and alchemy and eugenics and sorcery and more recently and perniciously the climate change deniers and the vaccines-cause-autism ninnies Sometimes it’s greed and political calculation at work: If we call climate change a hoax we keep the riches flowing to the fossil fuel industry Sometimes it’s a search for answers (if a child develop autism someone must be to blame) coupled with a know-nothing carnival barker like Jenny McCarthy And sometimes it’s religion Galileo’s persecutors were the fathers of the Catholic Church holding fast to a Bible that described the Earth as fixed and unmovable and the sun as rising and setting and returning to its place each day The people who deny evolution today aren’t in the field collecting the bones and offering reasoned alternatives to what Darwin discovered They too know what they know because the Bible saysor seems to sayit’s true But to blame the believers is in its own way a blinkered view of things The hard fact is there are plenty of peoplethe majority of people in factwho can comfortably live in a world in which faith and science live side by side It was Carl Sagan himself who once wondered why a God who presides over a universe in which evolution unfolds in which physical sciences play out and in which great truths are slowly discovered by people with dawning wisdom isn’t somehow a subtler more nuanced and more appealing God The very same day the dispiriting NSF study was announced Rice University released a far more encouraging survey of 10000 scientists evangelical Protestants and average Americans According to the Rice results almost 50% of Evangelicals believe that science and religion can work together a figure that actually exceeds the 38% of all Americans who believe the same thing As for all those non-spiritual scientists Eighteen percent of them attend weekly religious services only slightly less than the 20% of average Americans who are also regular worshippers And 15% think of themselves as “very religious” compared to 19% of everyone else Scientists who also happen to be Evangelicals actually practice their religion more than Evangelical non-scientists Yes there are some findings in the survey likely to give science types heartburn: 60% of Evangelicals believe that scientists should be willing to consider miracles as possible explanations for the phenomena they study as do 38% of all Americans But on the whole the warring camps we hear so much about may be smaller and friendlier than we’ve come to believe And to the extent that a battle does exist it’s mostly being fought out at the extremes: the finger-in-the-eye atheists like Bill Maher who regard believers with a kind of pitying disdain and don’t care who knows it; the religious fundamentalists who defy inquisitiveness defy reason demanding a literal interpretation of Scripture that includes a great flood and a 6000 year old world and a planet full of fossils and billions-year-old rocks that are put there merely to test our faith In fairness there is not a complete equivalency here The likes of Maher may be tiresome but they make a point: The world is 45 billion years old Full stop The Earth does revolve around the Sunperiod On these matters the modern day fundamentalists arehow best to put thiswrong When the Catholic Church as long ago as 1758 lifted its ban on teaching the sun-centered solar system and in 1992 formally acknowledged error in its treatment of Galileo the very guardians of Scripture themselves were acknowledging that simply because a verse is written in a book does not make it so To insist otherwise is to fight a rearguard action one that holds entire societies back Science has been with us since the beginning of time Faith has been with us since we opened our eyes and began wondering what all that science and everything else around us means By now many eons on we ought to have figured out a way to marry the two Perhaps in another 450 years we will Write to Jeffrey Kluger at [email protected] 2015. Words by Mark McGowanFeatured image credit: PA So why are screams so scary?” Poeppel and his colleagues decided to explore screams in more detail, SCOTUSblog reports. So it’s kind of surprising that she’s not such a fan of Obama.

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