Sports Talk Shows

first_imgHave you ever heard your wife say this, “not another sports talk show”?  I am sure that at one time or another, especially on a weekend, you have heard these words.Recently, I saw an article that listed some of the top talk shows on cable TV.  Just a few of them are:  Inside the NBA, College Game Day, First-Take, Pardon the Interruption, Intentional Talk, and the Sportswriters.  It would be very easy to add at least 20 more to this list because each major sport now seems to have its own TV network.  ESPN alone has at least 3 channels on almost everybody’s TV package.I can watch them for about an hour but then they get boring.  I probably like Pardon the Interruption best, but I am not stuck on it.   If this is your “thing”,  go ahead and enjoy!  For me, I need a little more action.last_img

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