Enjoying Fall

first_imgWe are still technically in summer, but since we are past Labor Day everyone considers us to be in Fall.  Very few people like the fact that another summer has ended, but there are a lot of activities to enjoy in the Fall.  No matter who your favorite college team is, most people who attend these games go to tailgate parties which precede and sometimes continue during and after the game.  We have a cousin who has more people stay at his tailgate site than attend the actual game.If you have young kids, they get a kick out of playing in the falling leaves.  As adults, we only see them as a nuisance that requires raking.  Here in Southern Indiana, there are so many places to drive and enjoy the Fall foliage.  This should be a great year for that since we had a lot of rain throughout the summer and early fall.  A trip to Bloomington for an IU game requires going through Brown County which is regarded as Indiana’s best area for the fall foliage.For me, the most fun is attending the local high school football games.  Since I am now retired, they are more relaxing.  I hope to see at one of these games.last_img

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