Fund Raisers

first_imgI know that all of you have been approached to contribute to at least one fund raiser this year so far. Some are well worth the cause and are easy to contribute to because of the good they will do. What you must watch out for is who is doing the fund raiser. Only contribute to those run by non-profit groups who are not professional fund raisers. These are local groups that promise (and do) donate all the proceeds to the charity they say they are backing. Watch out for any that says “national”, because you can bet that a lot of the money will go to the organizers and not the charity. Good ones are run by local things like: sororities, fraternal orders, churches, local individuals that are well known in their community, and schools. A few that come to mind locally are the Relay for Life, Bulldog Open, Class Trips, After Prom, etc. The sad part is that so many deserving groups have to go to these fund raisers that local merchants are bombarded with requests and must choose between so many deserving ones. Already schools are going to “pay to play” just to put a team on the field. Few understand that tax money cannot be used to pay for sports. Thank heavens for things like the Rising Sun Foundation, The Hillenbrand Foundation, and the Community Foundations and their annual gift giving.last_img

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