Porn ‘one of the great, unaddressed issues of our time’, commissioner says

first_imgStuff 6 December 2019Family First Comment: All this shows is that it’s no longer an option to have an expert inquiry to come up with solutions – rather than more surveys which really tell us nothing new.But the politicians don’t want to go near it. For some reason.www.PornInquiry.nzThere is a tsunami of porn washing over New Zealand children.It is R18 stuff about “step” children and “step” dads. It is about teenagers. It is increasingly less about consent. It is about choking and strangling. But curiously, in the oft-criticised industry, more videos show affection than physical aggression. But any restriction to adults-only is token at best.“Pornography is clearly a fact of life for many young New Zealanders,” chief censor David Shanks says.“While porn is supposed to be restricted to adults, our research shows a significant number of young people watch it to.”There was in fact more porn out there than anyone would know what to do with. For the Breaking Down Porn report, staff at the Office of Film and Literature Classification watched 196 of the most popular videos in New Zealandover 46 hours.The videos came from popular Canadian-owned PornHub, which research shows is most popular for those aged 16 to 18. They were the videos most watched by New Zealanders on September 13.READ MORE:

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