Italy, Maldives and Mexico are the most sought after via Google, Croatia among the top 15 destinations

first_imgMany people are now looking for the perfect destination for the late summer holidays or planning ahead for 2021. Most of 2020 due to travel restrictions stopped tourism and tourists from flying around the world on vacation, which had a huge financial impact on the tourism and tourism industry. The consequences will be felt for years to come, and real recovery only begins when a vaccine or cure is found. Using Google Keyword Planner – a tool for planning keywords from ESTA-e analyzed the countries to which people want to travel on vacation. Data were collected in August 2020, and using terms that include “Flights for X” and “Holidays in X” from ESTA, the following results were obtained. Italy, Maldives and Mexico were the most searched on Google, while Croatia is among the top 15 destinations. Our competitors (although we should not be competitors) Spain, Greece and Turkey are also ahead of Croatia. Look for the whole research HERElast_img

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