Today, the presentation of the Action Plan for the development of gastronomy in Croatia

first_imgThe project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, and the client is the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, while the other stakeholders are the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism, Croatian National Tourist Board, Croatian Chamber of Commerce and many others. , The Institute of Tourism and the Institute of International Relations in collaboration with a large number of partners at the local and national level.   At the final professional conference of the project “Gourmet Croatia”, which will be held in Ilok today, March 25.03.2019, XNUMX, the country estate Principovac, will be presented Action Plan for the development of gastronomy in Croatia. Through the joint cooperation of numerous experts in the field of tourism and eno-gastronomic offer, it was concluded that in the next few years Croatia should work harder to establish a quality institutional, legislative and strategic framework, create destination gastronomic experiences and strengthen international recognition to achieve the goal of becoming global. recognizable gastronomic destination.  The main goal of the project “Gourmet Croatia” is to connect the food processing sector with the tourism sector, so that Croatia in accordance with the Strategy for the development of Croatian tourism until 2020 becomes a recognizable gastronomic tourist destination and enters the 20 leading tourist destinations in the world. Also, what is most important in cooperation with stakeholders at the local and national level is defined Action Plan for the development of gastronomy in Croatia. center_img During the 18 months of the Project, the current state of the gastronomic offer in Croatia was analyzed, the Strategic Framework and guidelines for the development of gastronomic / gourmet destinations and products were created, and guidelines for the development of the brand of current and future gastronomic destinations were created.  In the project during 2018. Ilok is also involved in the research, where the final conference is being held. and the Ilok Tourist Board emphasizes the satisfaction that the final, professional conference of the project at the highest national level takes place in the continental part of Lijepa Naša, which contributes to the affirmation of a comprehensive market approach and the affirmation of the region and Ilok itself as an eno-gastro destination. “Looking beyond, these days Croatia is also dealing with positioning in the business tourism sector, so the organization of such a gathering in a destination that is not otherwise perceived as a business tourism destination sends a message to the market that it is possible and that the local offer can meet requirements. to be an excellent and atypical combination of gastro and business tourism ” Ivica Miličević, director of the Ilok Tourist Board, points out.last_img

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