The 6th Forum of the Croatian Congress Industry was held

first_imgOn December 5, 2017, the Croatian Association of Congress Tourism Professionals (HUPKT) organized the sixth Forum of the Croatian Congress Industry in Zagreb’s Hotel Dubrovnik.The forum brought together the profession of business congress, incentive and event tourism, with representatives of the Croatian Medical Association (HLZ), the Association of Employers in Health (UPUZ), the Association of Drug Manufacturers at the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP), the Health Tourism Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry. IFI), Medical Equipment (CROMED), representatives of institutions and the media – a total of over 140 participants.The main topic of the Forum “Cooperation of the medical and congress industry in the organization of scientific and professional conferences” was addressed through presentations and panel discussions. So far, many HUPKT members have encountered specific problems in organizing scientific and professional gatherings in the field of medicine, which are usually accompanied by the medical-pharmaceutical industry in the form of sponsorships, exhibitions, space leases, cost recovery and the like. In recent years, the medical and pharmaceutical industry in Europe and the world have enacted a number of regulatory regulations regarding the financing of professional medical education, so that in Croatia there are organizations and institutions that regulate this matter.When we talk about medical tourism, it is important to point out that the medical tourism industry is estimated to be worth $ 100 billion, and that it is growing annually at a rate of 15-20%, said Ognjen Bagatin from the Bagatin Polyclinic.Opportunities for Croatia on the global map of medical tourism are top quality medical service, quality equipment, experienced, highly educated professional staff, attractive tourist destination and the balance of price and value of the service”Bagatin pointed out and concluded that the main problem is the lack of a clear vision for health tourism.Since the whole situation strongly affects the congress industry when organizing medical gatherings, HUPKT at the Forum wanted to educate members on how to act in such cases, what to pay special attention to and who to turn to for advice. In this regard, all panel participants agreed that the exchange of experiences and discussions is welcome and that they will continue to work together on this.As every year, the Forum is also an occasion for the annual awards Ambassador of Croatian Congress Tourism, and this year’s winners are:Category Individuals / institutions from the scientific, cultural, sports and economic community responsible for holding international events in 2017 – up to 150 participants: Ms. Klara Karivan Director of GS1 CroatiaCategory Individuals / institutions from the scientific, cultural, sports and economic community responsible for holding international events in 2017 – over 150 participants: prof. Dr. Ivan Katavić from the Laboratory for Aquaculture, Split Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries.Category Individuals / institutions from the public sector responsible for the international promotion of Croatia as a congress-incentive destination in 2017: Congress Office of the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik.Category Member of HUPKT responsible for the highest quality professional performance in 2017: Mirela Gašpar from the travel agency PBZ Card.Category HUPKT member responsible for the best professional performance of incentives in 2017: Silva Ušić from the Penta agencyCategory Member of HUPKT – supplier, responsible for the highest quality professional performance of events in 2017. Igor Huhoja from Toplice Sveti Martin.Croatian Meeting Experience Summit announcedThe forum was an excellent opportunity to present a new meetex event – the Croatian Meeting Experience Summit ( – co-organized by HUPKT and 3i Events. The summit will become an inevitable meeting place for professionals and customers of the congress-incentive-event industry from around the world with domestic service providers in the field of business tourism.The first summit starts in March 2019 in Zagreb, and in the coming years it will visit all Croatian regions – from Opatija, Dubrovnik, Split, Osijek to Rovinj.Health tourism – an opportunity we must not miss According to estimates, the total revenues that are generated globally in the field of medical tourism today exceed 60 billion dollars, and in just a few years that number will exceed 100 billion dollars. The potential of health tourism has been there for years, and now Croatia has excellent, professional and highly professional institutions, but without a strategic and complete tourism product there will still not be much progress. We have too late coast and climate, top specialized health facilities, excellent connectivity, ie accessibility, as well as amazing tourist stories – we just have to pack them nicely into a rounded tourist product and tell our guests the story.Entrepreneurs seem to be shouting loudly and sending an appeal to tourist institutions to get involved and for health tourism to become part of the integrated Croatian tourist offer. Rijeka, Lošinj and Zagreb have woken up and are working intensively on the promotion of health tourism (at least the private sector), soon in Osijek a great story is being built about health tourism, so the private sector and specialized institutions are ready and now on the system to round out the whole story and launch targeted strategic promotion, and be a support to the private sector, and not the other way around as before. Health tourism is one of the focuses of the Master Plan for Tourism Development until 2020, but a lot is written on the paper of various strategies and master plans – the paper suffers everything, and unfortunately there are still no concrete changes in the field.It’s all up to us, we have it all, and I sincerely hope we know how to harness our potential in health tourism. We must also not forget that the world is turning fast and that the competition is not asleep, and we do not have ten more years to see any concrete changes and to arrange a quality story about health tourism in Croatia. We are constantly talking about potentials, it is time to concretize those potentials. Right now and now, because when if not now – when Croatian tourism is a trend in the focus of global tourists and the media.And don’t forget, the system is there to help us, not the other way around. We have everything and everything is up to us.<br />
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