Video of the Week: Isaac Hull

first_imgTurn around, athletes: the next generation is nipping at your heels.You may have spent decades training, but the youngins are taking the outdoor adventure world by storm with just a few years of experience both in life and in sports. Ouch. But as easy as it would be to get discouraged, let’s see if we can’t glean a little inspiration instead.One perfect example is Isaac Hull, a twelve-year-old whitewater kayaker from Richmond, Va., who’s already surpassing the area’s most renowned boaters. This kid is a champ, from the shore to the rapids, and he’s only just getting started. Read more about Isaac here in our own article on “The Future of Adventure.” The video, “ThirtyNineDegrees” was shot on Isaac’s local training grounds, the James River, in the dead of winter – as if we needed another reason to admire him. Check out Isaac not only showing off his incredible skills, but having the time of his life on the water.last_img

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