Younger Recap: Sutton Foster Was Gonna Show Us Around Jersey, But Then She Got High

first_img Another week, another Younger episode to dissect with emoji, Sutton Foster GIFs and statement jewelry. (Or no statement jewelry?! We don’t even know anymore!) After successful putting out a work fire last week—two if you count Charles’ Penisgate—Liza battles some personal demons while juggling her boyfriend with her old friendships. Let’s see what went down.SEASON 2, EPISODE 5: “Jersey, Sure”Emoji UpdateJosh and Liza spoon, but before they can fork, Josh gets a new Instagram follower: Caitlin, Liza’s daughter. Josh expresses concern that he doesn’t know much about Liza’s personal life (her non-millennial life). Liza says she wants to give Caitlin more time, which is an interesting way of saying she needs more time. At Empirical, Kelsey pressures Jade to turn in some pages, and we’re starting to wonder why Kelsey and Liza fought so hard for this account after they determined it was a lost cause last week. As Josh plays the washboard at a Williamsburg bar (when in Rome, right?), Liza’s New Jersey friends Michelle and Tom commend her on her “cougar”hood and invite the two over for dinner in the Garden State. Back at their apartment, Maggie explains that Liza’s building a web of lies, and while she may be the spider now, Liza’s also setting herself up to be the prey. Kelsey pesters Redmond to get Jade’s draft. In Jersey, Michelle keeps saying “truffle butter” and it’s deeply disturbing. (Do. Not. Google. It.) Kelsey and Lauren track down Jade via Instagram as the temperamental client blows through her advance. Michelle tries to convince Liza that Josh is merely post-divorce validation, but Liza believes he’s more than that. Stressed, Liza chomps down on a pot lollipop and gets her as high as a flag on the Fourth of July. Once they’re back in Brooklyn, Liza and her beau consider the imminent progression of their relationship.Biggest OMG Moment:The sheer amount of times the term “truffle butter” was used in this episode (seven!), and when Sutton Foster perfectly emulated the initial reactions of all of those sadder but wiser girls out there who know what it is, aside from the item found at Whole Foods and in Ina Garten’s kitchen. Millennial Glossary:Thirsty:(adjective) Excessively eager—almost desperately so. Primarily used in referent to a desire for sexual activity, or if your Kelsey Peters, a desire for a first draft of Jade’s book. For further examples, please see’s tweets about Aaron Tveit.Moment That Made Us Go:We called Liza out last week for making too many decisions like a 26-year-old, but when her friend Michelle reduces her relationship with Josh as a reaction to her divorce, it just sounds harsh. Like “when you say the truth out loud” harsh.Diana’s Statement Jewelry Update!For the second consecutive episode, Diana Trout did not sport a statement necklace. Is it possible we set the bar too high after last season? If we keep demanding insane jewelry, will Miriam Shor ultimately develop spinal damage? While Shor got a break from her neck workout, she did show off some sizable gold earrings that dangle ever so perfectly as she masters the art of the shady eyebrow raise. View Comments Sutton Foster & Nico Tortorella in ‘Younger’ (Photo: TV Land)last_img

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