What’s Sutton Foster Up to in the Younger Season Two Premiere?

first_imgAnd we’re back! At the start of season two of TV Land’s Younger, Liza (two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster) adds one more person to her “Do Not Tell” list while navigating her relationship with Josh (Nico Tortorella), who as you’ll recall, now knows Liza is 40 and not 26. Let’s take a look back at what went down in the January 13 two-part premiere.SEASON 2, EPISODE 1Emoji UpdateAs you can obviously see from the above emoji, Liza’s college-age daughter Caitlin returns from India, and Liza decides not to fill her in on her “Tootsie with age” scheme. Meanwhile, at Empirical Press, Kelsey (Hilary Duff) unsuccessfully pitches a book about blowjobs. In a Debi Mazar meta-moment, Maggie shows off her Italian knowledge and hosts a wine tasting. Liza leaved to meet up with Josh at a bar and gets stood up. Diana (Miriam Shor) and Charles (Peter Hermann) dine at Bobby Flay’s restaurant to win a book deal with the celebrity chef, but makes a mess of the evening by chipping a tooth. Caitlin reveals that she got a tattoo from a hot tattoo artist not knowing it was (gasp!) Josh. Small world. Liza confronts/makes out with him…as her daughter secretly spies on them.Biggest OMG MomentYikes! We hate it when we kiss our hot tattoo artist boyfriend and our daughter, who just got some ink from him, is watching from the window. Ew.Millennial GlossaryThe Three Dots: (noun) The portentous, fickle animation that pops up in iMessage when the other person (in this case, Josh) is typing. Or…when the other person is thinking? We’re not sure. Moment That Made Us Ask:Why does Liza continue to wait for Josh at the bar for so long?! Yes, he eventually texts a cryptic, punctuation-less apology, but only after Liza sits (mostly) alone for two hours and is berated by an impatient fellow bar patron (and former Broadway.com vlogger) Ryann Redmond! You know Reeno Sweeney wouldn’t stand for that. What the f*ck, Sutton Foster?!Diana’s Statement Jewelry Update!Miriam Shor made her entrance this season without a power necklace, but she more than made up for it in a later scene with this piece of chainmail around her neck. That’s right: Diana Trout steps into her kingdom (her office) with actual medieval armor. Wait, is this Galavant? Are we recapping Galavant now?SEASON 2, EPISODE 2Emoji UpdateCaitlin, after catching her mom with Josh, leaves to stay with her dad. Liza nails ‘90s trivia, but after imbibing her boozy prize, Josh isn’t sober enough for sexy time. The gang goes to a launch party for Lauren’s (Molly Bernard) new company, at which Kelsey gets an offer at a competing firm, Maggie and Liza play ping pong and Josh leaves after being interrogated about their relationship status by Liza’s friends. But before he and Liza can talk it out, Liza has to drop off a manuscript at Charles’ apartment. Maggie and Lauren continue their May-December fling. At Empirical, Kelsey gets promoted (after Liza intervenes) and aks Liza to join her team.Biggest OMG MomentMaggie and Lauren’s drug-fueled tryst from last season was not a one-time thing! And now Lauren’s roaming around half-naked post-coitus like some millennial Desiree Armfeldt. No judgment!Millennial GlossarySick Lit: (noun) A genre of young adult fiction in which a prominent character is terminally ill. Think The Fault in Our Stars or, according to the world of Younger, the Rob Olive bestseller #ImDying.Moment That Made Us Ask:Liza, what makes you think Diana Trout is going to put up with your equestrian wordplay? “I bet Seabiscuit would love a Gallup poll” is the sort of joke that people who write that Waitress has “a cast to pie for” would find hysterical, but Diana has more important things to do. Like wear statement necklaces. What the f*ck, Sutton Foster?!Diana’s Statement Jewelry Update!Imagine having a shower mat made of sapphire. Now, imagine wrapping it around your neck. Congratulations, you have Diana’s statement necklace of the week! Pairs perfectly with a gold cuff, a dismissive eyeroll and Dove Nourishing Body Wash. View Commentslast_img

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