The list of BIG Prem games just got bigger now Brighton and Palace have a date

first_img 2 2 We’ve got Brighton v Palace to look forward to now as well as Liverpool v Man United…201719/08/17: Tottenham v Chelsea26/08/17: Liverpool v Arsenal and Chelsea v Everton09/09/17: Everton v Tottenham and Man City v Liverpool16/09/17: Chelsea v Arsenal and Man United v Everton23/09/17: West Ham v Tottenham30/09/17: Chelsea v Man City14/10/17: Liverpool v Man United21/10/17: Everton v Arsenal and Tottenham v Liverpool28/10/17: Man United v Tottenham04/11/17: Chelsea v Man United and Man City v Arsenal18/11/17: Arsenal v Tottenham25/11/17: Liverpool v Chelsea28/11/17: Brighton v Crystal Palace02/12/17: Arsenal v Man United09/12/17: Liverpool v Everton, Man United v Man City and West Ham v Chelsea12/12/17: West Ham v Arsenal16/12/17: Man City v Tottenham23/12/17: Arsenal v Liverpool and Everton v Chelsea30/12/17: Tottenham v West Ham 201801/01/18: Arsenal v Chelsea01/01/18: Everton v Man United13/01/18: Liverpool v Man City and Tottenham v Everton31/01/18: Tottenham v Man United03/02/18: Liverpool v Tottenham10/02/18: Tottenham v Arsenal24/02/18: Arsenal v Man City24/02/18: Man United v Chelsea03/03/18: Man City v Chelsea10/03/18: Man United v Liverpool31/03/18: Chelsea v Tottenham and Everton v Man City07/04/18: Chelsea v West ham, Everton v Liverpool and Man City v Man United14/04/18: Tottenham v Man City and Crystal Palace v Brighton21/04/18: Arsenal v West Ham28/04/18: Man United v Arsenal05/05/18: Chelsea v Liverpool Find out when Man United take on Liverpool and many other massive Premier League games last_img read more