first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Chamber To Connect Small And Diverse Businesses With larger Corporations EVANSVILLE, Ind. (April 8, 2016) – The Southwest Indiana Chamber Diverse Business Alliance will host an event to facilitate connections between small and diverse businesses and larger corporations. The event is designed to build awareness of immediate and future opportunities for small and diverse businesses to bid on projects, particularly in the construction field.Companies in attendance include Tropicana, Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation, Evansville Regional Airport, the City of Evansville, Regional Cities Initiative project partners, and more.The event will take place at Tropicana Conference Center on from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 28.“The Southwest Indiana Chamber is committed to creating an environment that fosters inclusion and celebrates diversity,” said Christy Gillenwater, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Southwest Indiana Chamber. “Our Diverse Business Alliance exists to create education, mentorship, and networking opportunities that are bolstering the success of diverse businesses in Southwest Indiana, and in turn making our region a more vibrant and dynamic place to work, live, and grow a business.”There is no cost for small businesses to participate in this event and Southwest Indiana Chamber membership is not required. For more information, visit www.swinchamber.com.About Southwest Indiana ChamberSince 1915, the Southwest Indiana Chamber has been a trusted ally of the regional business community. Today we are one of the state’s largest, strongest, and most impactful nonprofit business organizations, representing a total membership of nearly 1,500 businesses, organizations, and agencies. About one-third of members have invested in our organization for 10 or more years and 71% of our member businesses have 25 or fewer employees. Our initiatives include Tri-State Manufacturers’ Alliance, Tri-State World Trade Network, Young Professionals Alliance, Diverse Business Alliance, Family Business Alliance, Posey County Alliance, Downtown Alliance, and Nonprofit Alliance.Learn more about the Chamber, our members, and the Southwest Indiana regional business community at www.swinchamber.com.last_img read more

Three-person baby ‘race’ dangerous

first_imgBBC News 12 October 2016Family First Comment:  The warnings are clear – “They are ignoring ongoing policy debates and conducting dangerous and socially fraught experiments on mothers and children. And they appear to be actively seeking a media splash on the way down. Use of these biologically extreme procedures for infertility is based purely on speculation.”The race to make babies from three people is a major worry, duping couples and a dangerous experiment on mums and babies, warn scientists and ethicists.The UK, which pioneered the advanced form of IVF, was the first country to introduce laws to allow the creation of babies from three people.Yet the first baby was born in Mexico.And despite the technique being designed to eliminate disease, it has been used as an unproven fertility booster in Ukraine.Both countries have less fertility regulation than the UK.How to make a three-person baby?Three-person IVF was devised to prevent the repeated heartache of losing children to illnesses caused by defective mitochondria.The tiny structures in our bodies convert food into useable energy and are passed on only through the mother’s egg.Three-person IVF takes the DNA from mum and dad and puts it in an egg from a donor woman. The resulting child has 0.1% of its DNA from the donor.Why make babies from three people?The advanced form of IVF was developed at Newcastle University in the UK and the final safety checks were completed in June.So the Mexico birth and the procedure being offered as a fertility treatment has caused concern.“We appear to be in a race to the bottom,” warned Dr Marcy Darnovsky from the US Centre for Genetics and Society.Criticising doctors offering the technique, she added: “They are ignoring ongoing policy debates and conducting dangerous and socially fraught experiments on mothers and children. And they appear to be actively seeking a media splash on the way down.”“Use of these biologically extreme procedures for infertility is based purely on speculation.”It is argued that some cases of infertility are caused by a “poor” environment inside the egg such as insufficient or old mitochondria or an imbalance in the chemicals necessary to trigger embryo development.And that the three-person technique could overcome those deficiencies.‘Unstoppable’Dr Dusko Ilic, from King’s College London, said there was no way to stop IVF clinics offering the procedure.While the UK was the first country to create laws to legalise three person IVF, it is legal by default in many countries with little-to-no regulation.Dr Ilic told the BBC News website: “IVF clinics are jumping on the bandwagon and rushing ahead, whereas the Newcastle team did all the hard due diligence work.“The major worry is how technically skilful these clinics are, what quality control measures are in place and what information they provide to desperate patients seeking help.“Are those patients aware of all risks involved?”READ MORE: http://www.bbc.com/news/health-37607528last_img read more

McGeever admits they left some scores after them.

first_imgAfterwards, manager Charlie McGeever said they had a bad start and hadn’t played as well as they could The Tipperary title holders came from behind to score a massive 6 points in the final 7 minutes of the match in Clonmel Sportsground yesterday afternoon. Charlie McGeever’s men had failed to get ahead throughout most of the 60 minutes…the Limerick side went ahead right from the start with a goal and a point within the first three minutes of the game.But a hard won score from Seamus Kennedy levelled the match in the final moments, before Michael Quinlivan put over a 45 to put Clonmel in the lead…the win was sealed with another point from Kennedy to leave the final score 12 points to 1-07. last_img