first_imgIt is this easy-to-use approach that the team at Oye It is this easy-to-use approach that the team at Oye Captain also believes will appeal to a wider audience and will be their USP. “Fantasy sports is growing globally at an astronomical rate of 41%. So there is a sizeable market that is consuming the product already,” says Tanmay Sahay,CMO at Oye Captain. “Whats exciting about fantasy sports here in India is the diverse user base we can tap into. What makes Oye Captain different is a simple, clean and intuitive user interface that is easy to understand and fun to use. You can hand pick your own team, and watch it compete over a single match, or over an entire series. As a diehard cricket fan myself, I can think of no better way for sports enthusiasts to get more involved with the sports they already love watching.” Oye Captain has already struck a few strategic business collaborations with other big players in the market that they believe is going to give them a competitive edge and accelerate their growth. Over the next two months, Oye Captain hopes to cash in heavily on the IPL buzz. About Mirch Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Mirch Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is one of Indias fastest growing online gaming brands already operating Thrill Poker [http://www.thrillpoker.com ], one of the foremost providers of online poker to the Indian market. Media Contact Tanmay Sahay [email protected] +91-9871134177 Chief Marketing Officer Oye Captain Source: Mirch Entertainment Pvt. Ltd PRNewswire GSVadvertisementlast_img read more