‘Bad eggs’ bringing great shame on the Guyana Police Force

first_imgDear Editor,Over the years, I have observed some Guyanese Police officers, both men and women, bringing great shame upon their uniform, the Commissioner of Police, and the noble institution of the Guyana Police Force, by blatantly violating their Oath of Office to serve and protect while being paid with taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.Many Police officers are involved in skullduggery, deceit, and disgraceful self-serving activities. There was a mind-blowing incident some years ago when they set fire to a male youth’s genitals. Police officers are known to be involved in theft, soliciting bribes and smuggling. Some even rape persons in Police custody, or coerce sex from those who go to Police stations or outposts seeking assistance.I am not talking about all of them. There are decent men and women in the Guyana Police Force who are totally professional in their conduct and attitude. They approach their role to maintain law and order in society with discipline, mental clarity and commitment. They actually take their job seriously, and strive to protect the people of Guyana to the best of their ability.That is why it worries me deeply that there are so many examples of rotten eggs who spoil the good name of their colleagues in the Police Force. Just recently, at the Timehri Police Outpost, a woman detained for drug dealing and other criminal activities claimed that the Police released her after she gave them what I describe as a pound of female flesh.When we hear about Police officers involved in corruption, brutality, bribery, deceit, and especially sexual perversion, the culprits are always male. What is wrong with these men?In May, a Policeman was remanded to prison for having sex with a 15-year-old girl. In January, a woman claimed that two Policemen raped her at the Turkeyen Police Station, and a female rank then tried to get her to accept hush money.No less a person than the late former Commissioner of Police Henry Green came under the microscope after an allegation of rape.Recently, two Police officers were among seven persons detained after an illegal firearm with a spent shell was found close to them.This is just one of countless reports of Police officers being held with illegal weapons. What does a Police officer want with an illegal firearm?I notice, too, that Police ranks seem addicted to their cell phones. I had to report a Policeman who abandoned his important task of directing traffic at the Diamond intersection to speak on his cell phone. It is disgusting to see roadblocks all over Guyana with officers on their cell phones during these operations.On June 14, while travelling along Church Street, preparing to turn into Irving Street, I saw a series of cars and motorbikes with young Guyanese wearing red tops and black pants and skirts. Young men and young women were sitting on the bonnets and roofs of the vehicles, and they were blasting through the street with no Police escort.As I approached Lamaha Street, one of the drivers of this mini-motorcade braked suddenly, and some of these people fell off the roof of the vehicle. Fortunately, no cars were coming, or some could have been crushed. I saw one screaming and writhing in pain from the fall.I noticed a Policeman who had stopped his bike near Thomas Lands in Kitty was talking on his cell phone. I tried to tell him what I had seen, but he just ignored me and kept on talking on the phone. After a while, I had to abandon this attempt and leave.Such officers are bringing shame and disgrace to the Police Force and to Guyana. As a nation, we should have zero tolerance for this behaviour.I suggest setting up a sting operation to identify the rotten eggs within the Force, and weed them out. We cannot allow the need for personnel to supersede the need for discipline.We also need to review and revise the recruitment process of the Guyana Police Force. I am willing to volunteer my expertise, free of charge, to provide any service that will benefit the Guyana Police Force, and by extension the people of my nation.Sincerely,Roshan Khan Snrlast_img read more