LoanSifter Google Enter New Strategic Partnership

first_img Share November 9, 2011 462 Views LoanSifter, Google Enter New Strategic Partnership A new strategic partnership between “”LoanSifter, Inc.””:, and “”Google””: will give consumers access to online mortgage lending and real-time pricing. Through Google’s comparison ads, LoanSifter will facilitate the comparison of loan products among multiple providers using its technology platforms. [IMAGE]The comparison ads created by Google are designed to assist potential borrowers in collecting quotes from mortgage lenders based on their specific loan qualifications, and LoanSifter’s automated pricing module and real-time database of investor pricing and eligibility information will give Google users access to products from the company’s lenders. The relationship between the entities will also provide LoanSifter’s participating lenders with leads, drawn from those that qualify online.LoanSifter client Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation spoke out on the partnership with Google, and Greg Ulrich, production manager for Fairway, said, “”This saves us money, allowing us to pass a greater savings to the consumer. We chose [COLUMN_BREAK]LoanSifter for our Google auto-quoting because it enables us to customize our pricing more accurately and effectively. Other vendors require manual supervision, which would have been problematic in keeping up with market shifts.””Consumers are directed to Google’s comparison ads when they conduct an online search for mortgage-related terms within the company’s website, and the proprietary ads allow users to anonymously enter details on the loan they desire, including amounts and credit scores. Once an individual has contributed the relevant information, Google compiles multiple offers from lenders, enabling a side-by-side look at the options the borrower has access to when seeking a mortgage loan. The anonymity protects consumer’s private information and eliminates the need for a potential borrower to fill out extensive paperwork when gathering general mortgage loan pricing and product data. LoanSifter’s intuitive module is the ideal integration for Google’s comparison ads, as LoanSifter boasts the most comprehensive real-time pricing and qualifications database in the industry; additionally, LoanSifter possesses leading tools for mortgage bankers, loan officers, and secondary departments seeking to price, market, and manage loans.Bruce Backer, president of LoanSifter, commented on the collaboration with Google, saying, “”Our relationship with Google will be of tremendous benefit to both lenders and consumers. A growing number of borrowers are using the Internet to find the best possible mortgage deals, and Google’s immense popularity makes it a first stop for many. Borrowers benefit from the side-by-side comparison in an open marketplace, while lenders benefit from LoanSifter’s ability to accurately price mortgage scenarios on their behalf.””last_img read more