Call to measure duration of obesity

first_img Share 15 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Tweet HealthLifestyle Call to measure duration of obesity by: – August 23, 2011 Doctors need to start counting “obese-years”, say expertsExperts say the health hazards of obesity may have been grossly underestimated because we are not measuring the condition adequately.Risk calculations have focused on severity of weight gain alone and not how long it persists.Latest research suggests every additional decade of being obese more than doubles death risk.The researchers told the International Journal of Epidemiology a new measure is needed – the “obese-year”.Similar to the “pack-year” used for smoking, it gives a further quantification that can be used to help estimate the associated health risks.Growing problemA quarter of UK adults are overweight.And one in 10 children younger than 11 in England are obese.The government says that if the current rate of growth continues, three quarters of the population could suffer the ill effects of excess weight within 10 to 15 years.But Dr Asnawi Abdullah, from Monash University in Australia, and colleagues believe the toll is larger than this because estimates have failed to factor in duration of obesity.Their work shows that duration of obesity or “obese-year” has a direct effect on death risk, independent of other factors like age or how severely overweight a person is.They looked at the health of 5,036 people living in the US who enrolled in a large study – the Framingham Cohort Study – that tracked their health every two years over decades.Among the participants, death risk went up by 7% for every additional two years of being obese (with a body mass index of 30 or more).Being obese for between 15 and 25 years more than doubled death risk compared with those who were never obese.And death risk was tripled for those who were obese for even longer than this.The researchers say this needs to be taken into consideration when assessing overweight patients.“Our study demonstrates that for every additional 10 years lived with obesity, the risks of all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality more than doubled, implying that the risk of mortality associated with current obesity in adults might be significantly higher than in previous decades.”They warn that obesity is occurring at younger and younger ages which will mean today’s children can expect a shorter life expectancy compared with past generations.‘Scare tactic’“Today the average age of onset of obesity is likely to be more than 10 years earlier than in previous decades.”Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, agreed: “Obesity is starting to become a problem at supremely young ages. We could see people dying before their parents because of obesity.”He said the findings could be a much needed wake up call for some.“If the GP can say ‘You have got to do something about your weight otherwise you will die at 65 rather than 75’ that could be a useful scare tactic.”But he doubted if that would be enough to motivate all.“Many people struggle to lose weight no matter how many times they are told to or how many times they try.”A Department of Health spokesman said tackling obesity was a priority for government. He said doctors follow the current guidelines that say body mass index (weight in relation to height) and waist measurement are the best ways to assess obesity and health risks.Will Williams at All About Weight said: “It’s never too late to get the benefits of weight loss. At any age, losing weight and keeping it off, is likely to extend your life and reduce your risk of disease.”By Michelle Roberts Health reporter, BBC Newslast_img read more

David W. Murray

first_imgDavid W. Murray, age 58 of Oldenburg, passed away Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at his home surrounded by his loving family.  He is survived by his wife Kathy, as well as his daughters Kristen, Logan, and Allison, all of Oldenburg, and Meaghann of Indianapolis. His siblings include Bill Murray of Lawrenceburg, Barb Lee of Milan, Janet Brower of Holton, and Sue Herron of Bonita Springs, Florida. He is preceded in death by his parents Violet (Nee: Claire) and Ralph Murray, and sister Kay Rozanski.Visitation is Tuesday, October 30th, from 9 – 11 a.m. at Holy Family Church in Oldenburg.  The Funeral Mass will follow at 11:30 a.m. with Rev. John Meyer, and burial in the church cemetery afterwards. In lieu of flowers, memorials are requested to go towards the Kristen, Logan, and Allison Murray College Fund.  Weigel Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.  For online condolences go to read more

Gregg too tough in IMCA Modified feature at Junction’s Chapin Memorial Spring Thaw

first_imgJustin Gregg was the $1,000 IMCA Modified feature winner at Junction Motor Speedway’s Mike Chapin Memorial Spring Thaw. (Photo by Bob Jones Photography)McCOOL JUNCTION, Neb. (March 18-19) – Once the green flag flew, Justin Gregg knew he had the car to beat in Sunday’s Mike Chapin Memorial Spring Thaw main event at Junction Motor Speedway.When the checkers came out, he had the $1,000 check to prove it.Gregg led all 25 circuits in the Fast Shafts All-Star ballot qualifier. Jacob Anson repeated his second-place showing from the Saturday feature and Jordy Nelson, Dylan Smith and Anthony Roth rounded out the top five.“I got lucky and started on the pole and knew on the first lap that we were going to be tough to beat,” said Gregg. “We were going through the corners really well.”The only caution came with four laps left and no one had anything for the leader after that.Travis Hatcher won the Saturday feature. Gregg was seventh in that race in a self-built Red Rocket, changing a couple springs and, after a call to Kyle Vanover, a shock before returning to McCool Junction the next day.Jarred Hackler was a double winner in a Red Rocket of his own, topping both Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod features.“Saturday, the track was nice and slick the way I like it and I was able to pull away from the rest of the guys,” he said. “I started on the pole both nights and was kind of shocked to do it. Usually I’m at the other end of the field. Sunday I got a good start of a nice, smooth track. That’s where my team excels.”Six-time and defending national champion Mike Nichols won both IMCA Sunoco Stock Car features, career checkers number 429 and 430 in the class, and Roy Armstrong swept IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock events.Denny Berghahn won Sunday’s Mach-1 Sport Compact main.March 18 Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Travis Hatcher; 2. Jacob Anson; 3. Anthony Roth; 4. Tyler Frye; 5. Dan Menk; 6. Josh Blumer; 7. Justin Gregg; 8. Sean Barragan; 9. Adam Armstrong; 10. Cale Carder; 11. Scott Smith; 12. Andy Wilkinson; 13. Dave Pedersen; 14. Philip Loseke; 15. Mike Lineberry; 16. Jim Mathieson; 17. Melvin Densberger; 18. Brandon Spanjer; 19. Jordy Nelson; 20. Tyler Iverson; 21. Steve Swarthout; 22. Micah Veleba; 23. Jeff James.Stock Cars – 1. Mike Nichols; 2. Jim Powell; 3. Shane Stutzman; 4. Casey Woken; 5. Mike Dancer; 6. Jim Hagan; 7. Kyle Wilkinson; 8. Kyle Dumpert; 9. Chad Bruns; 10. Tyler Phelps; 11. Nick Woodard; 12. Jason Wilkinson; 13. John Meyer; 14. Robert Hoing; 15. Cody Clark.Northern SportMods – 1. Jarred Hackler; 2. Matt Andrews; 3. James Kleinheksel; 4. Justin Svoboda; 5. Wade Gunnink; 6. Jacob Wolsleben; 7. Tyler Mark; 8. Derick Noonan; 9. Cole Wayman; 10. Herb Slough; 11. Lee Horky; 12. Austin Svoboda; 13. Edd Huxoll; 14. Bill Leighton; 15. Paul Donovan; 16. Jacob Olmstead; 17. Bruce Lang; 18. Kirk Beatty.Hobby Stocks – 1. Roy Armstrong; 2. Luke Wassom; 3. Zach Olmstead; 4. Nathan Refior; 5. Pete Beaumont; 6. Tanner Jones; 7. Kenny Roberts; 8. Brent Jochum; 9. Cameron Wilkinson; 10. Brandon Wergin; 11. Jacob Hagan; 12. Terry Tritt; 13. Hunter Wergin; 14. Wade Wagenblast; 15. Tadd Newill; 16. Brady Larkins; 17. Steve Shepard.March 19 Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Gregg; 2. Anson; 3. Nelson; 4. Dylan Smith; 5. Roth; 6. Hatcher; 7. Frye; 8. James; 9. Barragan; 10. Colton Osborne; 11. Lineberry; 12. Spanjer; 13. Wilkinson; 14. Iverson; 15. Menk; 16. Scott Smith; 17. Carder; 18. Veleba; 19. Armstrong; 20. Mathieson.Stock Cars – 1. Nichols; 2. Woken; 3. Powell; 4. Hagan; 5. Bruns; 6. Phelps; 7. Dumpert; 8. Tanner Pettitt; 9. Woodard; 10. Jed Williams; 11. Dancer; 12. Hoing; 13. Stutzman; 14. Clark.Northern SportMods – 1. Hackler; 2. Brian Barber; 3. Austin Svoboda; 4. Horky; 5. Huxoll; 6. Mark; 7. Andrews; 8. Scott Styskal; 9. Kleinheksel; 10. Wolsleben; 11. Rocky Zimmerman; 12. Leighton; 13. Gunnar Pike; 14. Noonan; 15. Donovan; 16. Travis Patterson; 17. Gunnink; 18. Slough; 19. Justin Svoboda; 20. Kevin Kloke.Hobby Stocks – 1. Armstrong; 2. Wassom; 3. Brandon Wergin; 4. Olmstead; 5. Larkins; 6. Refior; 7. Tritt; 8. Jones; 9. Beaumont; 10. Kyle Hein; 11. Roberts; 12. Wagenblast; 13. Hagan; 14. Hunter Wergin; 15. Newill.Sport Compacts – 1. Denny Berghahn; 2. Tyler Thompson; 3. Jake Newson; 4. Dillon Richards; 5. Kyle Owen; 6. Drake Bohlmeyer; 7. Travis Thelander; 8. Brooke Fluckiger; 9. Bryan Vannausdle; 10. David Norquest; 11. Jim Buss; 12. Justin Brown; 13. Shawn Hein; 14. Jeffery Scott; 15. Justin Schmidt; 16. Dustin Brethauwer; 17. Noah Boller.last_img read more