Female athletes run the streets of Rabat for Womens Victory Race

Fez- Female runners from around Morocco will head to the capital of Rabat this weekend to participate in the 7th edition of the Women’s Victory Race. The 7-kilometer race will begin at the Avenue of Victory in Rabat and take runners on a course around the city.The theme of this year’s race, “Sport is good citizenship,” encourages young women to become involved in their communities and become active citizens through sporting activities.  The annual race is organized by the women’s association called Women, Achievements and Values, founded by Moroccan athlete Nezha Bidouane.“Civility is the basis of this serene and peaceful life we all seek, and it belongs to all to work in this direction. It is in everyone’s future, ” Nezha Bidouane, president of the Women, Achievements and Values association, said at a press conference in Rabat earlier this week. The running event aims to raise the awareness of Moroccan women about the importance of sport as a tool for social inclusion and professional development. “It is only in good citizenship and collective intelligence that we can live peacefully and enjoy life, ” Bidouane said. The event seeks to motivate girls and women to take part in the national sports movement and contribute to the development of women’s sports in Morocco.The race has seen an increase in the number of participants every year since the initial event in 2005. More than 20,000 women reportedly took part in last year’s race.The course is open to women of all athletic levels; participants can choose to run, walk or alternate running and walking depending on their physical means. The event will take place this Sunday, May 11, starting at Bab Tamesna near Avenue Annasr in Rabat at 9:30 am.Picture credit: Nezha Bidouane© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed. read more