Murder trial underway in Hamilton in the death of Noah Keizer

The second degree murder trial of a man accused of killing a two year old toddler is underway in Hamilton. Noah Keizer died of blunt force trauma to the head, while in the care of 27 year old Greg Dalley – a friend of the boy’s mother.Early in the trial there was a suggestion that friends and relatives were uncomfortable with the man watching over Noah on the night of his death. Two year old Noah was crying and whimpering as he left the company of his grandmother for the last time. The accused, Greg Dalley had come to collect Noah from the home of family friend Patty Smith, to take him home to his mother Nicole Agnew, on the evening of July 13th, 2012. On the witness stand Ms. Smith told the court, that she knew Noah was upset, and believed it was because he was afraid of Dalley. She told Noah’s grandmother Iris “he’s terrified of that guy.” Defence attorneys for the accused suggested that Noah was upset because he was having fun, and didn’t want to leave his grandmother. “He’s left my home lots of times and never acted like that. He was different when he left that day” testified Ms. Smith.Later in the day the court heard from Noah’s mother Nicole Agnew. She had been working at the Undermount Tavern on the night that Noah died. She first heard that her son had been hurt, in a text message from a friend – who said that Noah had been hurt, and was bleeding. She called and spoke to Dalley, who at first told her that everything was fine. Less than 90 minutes later, Noah was dead. Dalley claimed that Noah had hurt himself, and must have had internal bleeding. He texted Agnew, saying: “he clearly hurt himself and i should have called an ambulance. now i have to live with that.” A shocked Nicole Agnew did not see her son until she identified his body. She told the court “he wasn’t breathing, he was gone. There was just so much blood I couldn’t tell anything.” Defence Lawyer Greg Leslie began his cross examination of Nicole Agnew this afternoon, establishing that Agnew and accused Greg Dalley had known each other for some time and had been friends on and off. He also established that Dalley frequently watched Noah, and there had been no obvious friction or problems between himself and Nicole Agnew, prior to Noah’s death. In further testimony, Mr. Leslie is also expected to establish that Nicole was drinking on the night of Noah’s death and did not return home immediately after finishing her shift at work that night, instead leaving her son in Dalley’s care. read more

Ituni residents lament little to no access to landline internet services

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedKuru-Kururu residents without internet, landline servicesSeptember 8, 2018In “Business”President says access to justice will improve significantly in the Upper Demerara RegionAugust 4, 2017In “Court”Barnwell North residents to receive water for first time in over 15 yearsDecember 15, 2015In “Business” In an era where technology is rapidly expanding and various means of communication are constantly being developed, residents of the Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) community of Ituni say they feel as though they are being left behind.Several residents who spoke to this publication have expressed their frustration, noting that after years of living in the community, they are yet to receive landline services and/or internet access despite having applied a number of years ago. Many other residents related that while they did have access to landline service in their homes, they did not receive any internet access.Following residents’ complaints, comments were solicited from Community Development Officer Keisha Griffith, who noted that she has also received numerous complaints from residents, more so recently, regarding the issue.  Ituni residents noted that they were seeking answers from GTT and remained hopeful that systems could soon be put in place to allow access to landline and Internet services.“It’s like we have been forgotten. We are way behind with everything. Since they launch the cell site, we haven’t heard or seen any representative in our area. Landline is a problem. They have applications for persons years now and nothing…We don’t have any access to WiFi”, Griffith explained. She also noted that the cell site was set up in the community since 2008.An affected resident, Yetunde Pluck said her home was equipped with a landline telephone, but no Internet access. She said it was frustrating because her school aged children required the service to do research for School-Based Assignments.“My concern is mainly the Internet system. I have a landline and a few other people have landlines in Ituni, but I don’t know why they’re not sharing so that other people could get. I don’t know why we’re not entitled to get Internet access. They’re saying that it’s something with the tower…We have children attending secondary school. They come home every weekend. They have assignments to do and we don’t have Internet access to get the information for our children,” she lamented.Additionally, resident Johnquin Nurse said he had applied for landline service for a number of years, but had only received a letter stating that there was no available facility.“For the past years I’ve applied for a landline telephone with GTT and this is 2017, and I’m still waiting although I’ve applied since 2002. All I got was that there’s no facility and as soon as they have facilities, they’re going to come and hook us up. On to this day, we’re still waiting,” he noted.Similar sentiments were also expressed by other affected residents who noted that it was their hope that the relevant authorities would look into the situation so that improvements can be seen. (Utamu Belle) read more