Diplomatic Source Qatar Didnt Pay for Food Supply Provided by Morocco

Rabat – Claims published on several Moroccan news websites that the food aid sent by Morocco to Qatar on Monday was “prepaid in advance” are false, a diplomatic source based in New York told Morocco World News.Expressing “disappointment” at the widespread rumors, the source said that “the information which has been allegedly reported based on a tweet by ‘Meriem Al Thani’ is not trustworthy.”“We don’t know whether she [‘Meriem Al Thani] is real or just a virtual character and whether she represents any governmental entity or not,” the source said. “The Moroccan media rushed to report on this ‘false information’ to deny what was asserted in the statement issued by Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” The source went on to add that the claims took them by surprise, adding that they immediately searched for the person to whom the “news” is attributed, but to no avail.“We did not find any post about the news on either Twitter or Facebook,” the source said. “We searched for the allegations on Rassd Qatar Facebook page (which was the first to share the claims based on the tweet on Facebook) and we did not find it. Meriam Al Thani’s latest tweet dates back to June 3.”Following the emergence of the claim, the source said that officials had been asked to ascertain its veracity, underscoring that the allegations are “false.”“Qatari officials asserted that no statement about the payment of the goods has been issued by the Qatari government, dispelling the rumors of the possibility of making such statement by Qatari officials in line of respecting the humanitarian initiative of Morocco and its courageous stance.”On Monday, in a written press statement, Morocco’s Foreign Ministry said that King Mohammed VI ordered that food would be sent to Qatar.  The ministry stated that the decision is “in line with the teachings of our religion especially during the month of Ramadan where solidarity among Muslim people is required.”The King’s order to send food aid to Qatar followed Morocco’s offer on Sunday to mediate between Qatar and other Gulf countries  that had severed last week ties with Doha over its alleged “support of terrorism.” read more

Duchess of Sussex could work with British theatres amid fears royal titles

Alex Clifton, artistic director of Storyhouse, which the Duchess of Sussex visited with the Queen during a visit to Chester in June, said yesterday that “any arts organisations would really benefit from having her on board as an advocate”.“As an artist and actor herself, she understands the practice and can speak with authority,” he said. “She’s an accessible, dynamic, modern-facing presence: it’s impossible to overstate the impact that someone with her authority can have on people’s lives. The National Theatre Rufus Norris, the artistic director of the National TheatreCredit:Brinkhoff/Moegenburg Prince Harry and Meghan meet the cast of musical  HamiltonCredit:Getty In the new year, she is due to announce her patronages, expected to name a number of organisations she will build a lifelong relationship with. The Queen and Duchess of Sussex visit Storyhouse, Chester At least one will be handed over to her by the Queen, it has been reported. Palace aides have previously emphasised how the Duchess has been at work behind the scenes, claiming she has been undertaking numerous and regular private meetings to establish how she could best make a difference to charities in Britain and the Commonwealth.Last week, the official record of the Royal Family’s work reported: “The Duchess of Sussex today received Mr Rufus Norris (Artistic Director, the National Theatre).”She is also known to have met with representative from the Campaign for Female Education, which works to empower young women in Africa, and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The National Theatre The Duchess of Cambridge already holds patronages in the visual arts, at the V&A and National Portrait Gallery, while the Prince of Wales is the patron of the Georgian Theatre Royal, the Mariinsky Theatre Trust, the Theatre Royal Bath and Unicorn Theatre for Children.The Queen herself is patron of the Royal National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Theatre.Earlier this year, Rufus Norris suggested the National Theatre had deliberated eschewed the “Royal” from its title for fear of putting new audiences off. “This country is still very class divided and anything that adds to that perception, that this place is not open to everybody, could be a downfall,” he said. “I fear that for some people that [the ‘Royal’ prefix] adds to that perception.” When the heads of both the Royal National Theatre and Royal Opera House raised concerns about having the world “Royal” in their titles, it seemed the world of stage could be turning away from its association with the monarchy for fear of putting off new younger audiences.Not any more, it seems.News of a private meeting between the Duchess of Sussex and Rufus Norris, the artistic director of the National Theatre, has inspired hopes that the Duchess may take on a patronage in the theatre world, in a boost for the industry’s drive for inclusion.Doing so would mix the Duchess’ former career as an actress with her new role as a working royal, with directors saying her background could help bring in diverse new communities to arts organisations.Norris, who has been the director of the National Theatre since 2015, is a staunch advocate for broadening theatre audiences, pledging to increase diversity on stage and off as well as promising a 50-50 gender balance. The Duchess has twice undertaken public engagements relating to the theatre in the last month: attending the Royal Variety Performance with her husband, and making a solo visit to a care home for retired actors. Alex Beard, the chief executive of the Royal Opera House, shared similar sentiments in September, telling a newspaper that the “royals are by definition ‘other’” and that the use of the word could be “a bit off-putting”. Prince Harry and Meghan meet the cast of musical Hamilton Rufus Norris, the artistic director of the National Theatre The Queen and Duchess of Sussex visit Storyhouse, ChesterCredit:Reuters “As an industry we speak very easily and confidently to existing audiences. The challenge is to reach new, more diverse, more traditionally marginalised communities.“The Duchess provides extraordinary leverage into a massive range of communities. She’s a really powerful voice and can help any theatre achieve more of its mission, in terms of telling stories to as many and as broad a range of people as possible.”A spokesman for the National Theatre said they would not comment on private meetings. read more