All Liberians must play their part in antirape campaign says UN envoy

At a ceremony today in Harper, the capital of Maryland county, officials with the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) spoke out against the devastation that rape – the highest reported crime in the country – exacts on individuals, families and entire communities. The Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu noted that while the UN has previously teamed up with the Government and civil society groups to form a gender-based violence task force, it was vital that members of the public became directly involved in the anti-rape campaign. “Everyone has a role to play,” said Ms. Mensa-Bonsu. “This is not a women-only matter; the men must take action. I believe rape can be prevented and stopped only when men and boys get actively involved and concerned enough.” The anti-rape campaign includes a parade through the streets of Harper, promotional soccer matches, a concert and the screening of videos in large public spaces. 14 March 2008The United Nations has joined forces with the Liberian Government and civil society groups in a campaign in the southeast of the West African country to try to reduce the appallingly high rates of rape of women and girls. read more