Annan calls for more funding and leadership to spur fight against HIVAIDS

“This is a global problem without frontiers of any kind. It’s everyone’s problem. And it’s urgent. The futures of entire societies hang in the balance,” he told a news conference at UN Headquarters in New York.”While there has been a real increase in global funding, we need much, much more,” he said, noting that some $12 billion was needed for 2005 alone. “On current estimates, we’ll have far less than half that amount.”The Secretary-General credited last week’s 15th International AIDS Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, with further raising awareness of HIV/AIDS around the world.Reviewing the latest statistics for the infection and death of millions around the world, he said national leaders must take a stand against the epidemic, whether their countries were developed or developing, rich or poor.”They must speak out and they must put many, many more resources – much, much more – into the fight. This is a fight we have to win,” Mr. Annan said. read more