Diplomatic Source Qatar Didnt Pay for Food Supply Provided by Morocco

Rabat – Claims published on several Moroccan news websites that the food aid sent by Morocco to Qatar on Monday was “prepaid in advance” are false, a diplomatic source based in New York told Morocco World News.Expressing “disappointment” at the widespread rumors, the source said that “the information which has been allegedly reported based on a tweet by ‘Meriem Al Thani’ is not trustworthy.”“We don’t know whether she [‘Meriem Al Thani] is real or just a virtual character and whether she represents any governmental entity or not,” the source said. “The Moroccan media rushed to report on this ‘false information’ to deny what was asserted in the statement issued by Morocco’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” The source went on to add that the claims took them by surprise, adding that they immediately searched for the person to whom the “news” is attributed, but to no avail.“We did not find any post about the news on either Twitter or Facebook,” the source said. “We searched for the allegations on Rassd Qatar Facebook page (which was the first to share the claims based on the tweet on Facebook) and we did not find it. Meriam Al Thani’s latest tweet dates back to June 3.”Following the emergence of the claim, the source said that officials had been asked to ascertain its veracity, underscoring that the allegations are “false.”“Qatari officials asserted that no statement about the payment of the goods has been issued by the Qatari government, dispelling the rumors of the possibility of making such statement by Qatari officials in line of respecting the humanitarian initiative of Morocco and its courageous stance.”On Monday, in a written press statement, Morocco’s Foreign Ministry said that King Mohammed VI ordered that food would be sent to Qatar.  The ministry stated that the decision is “in line with the teachings of our religion especially during the month of Ramadan where solidarity among Muslim people is required.”The King’s order to send food aid to Qatar followed Morocco’s offer on Sunday to mediate between Qatar and other Gulf countries  that had severed last week ties with Doha over its alleged “support of terrorism.” read more